Do you sometimes feel that the bags are

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  1. taking over? I spend so much time thinking about them, looking at them, selecting which one to wear, coveting new ones, trying to sell the old ones, checking out what other women are carrying, etc. - Good grief, I need an intervention and maybe some time at "Betty Ford"!!!:oh:
  2. yes, i feel the same way. not only bags, all accessories. i spend so much time at oder eluxury to look at bags, shoes, scarves, etc.
    i know it's a shallow hobby bur hey, it's better than golf.
  3. JJ - you're so cute!
  4. no passion, no life!
  5. sometimes I get po'd, and think " Why do I think about, and spend so much on something... and I wonder what I owuld do wih the money if I didn't have a purse fetish, but then I relize if it's not purses, it would be clothes, I probably never wear( I need to weed these clothes out of my closet) Every one has a hobby, and mine might as well make me look good, it's better than a rock collection....
  6. Yes, but I figure as far as addictions go, it's safer/healthier than alcohol, gambling, meth or internet porn! :P

  7. Haha now I think of it, I don't have any problems with my purse fetish now...
  8. Whenever I was feeling guilty about spending $$ on my 1st Louis Vuitton bag I just remembered how my bf dropped $500 on an xbox 360 and accessories like it was nothing.

    Did he NEED an xbox? no
    Did I NEED a LV? no

  9. Here Here Pseub!! I tell my Fi that this is my porno :smile: he says the downfall is that it isn't free :lol: But just like looking at pretty girls from afar online, I can look at the bags and not touch! Sometimes it is hard to resist a great bag though:shame: :love:
  10. I knew you would come to terms with it. You would not wear the same great Outfit everyday and changing Bags can give A Outfit A whole new look. Gee it most save $ more Bags less Suits?
  11. :lol: This is true!

    I've been spending waaay too much time at the mall lately looking at bags. I work so close to there that I always go with the excuse that I need a lemonade from Panera :P I also try not to bring it up with anyone I know who isn't into bags (which is pretty much everyone I know). It's nice to have a place like this to share my obsession with others.
  12. I say if you like it and can afford it, by all means BUY IT!:biggrin:
  13. A little.. but it's my little vice, and yes, it is better than drugs. My brother jokes that at this point, drugs may be cheaper though.. !
  14. Ain't that the truth .... ;)
  15. haha i knew i liked handbags before...but ever since i found a handbag community on livejournal i've been 1000x worse!! i definitely like looking or learning about purses better than doing homework :biggrin: