do you smell your bag?

  1. i know its a weird question... not sure if it has been discussed here before... but i do - smell my bag - that is :shame:. i know some of you may say im :nuts:, but i just love the smell of the inside of a fresh from the store bag. my cousins whom i have introduced to LV now smells my new bags too.... maybe genetics has something to do with it. so, do you smell your bag too?
  2. i do! but sometimes it's a bit strong on the canvas, so it could be plastic-y depends on how 'fresh' the bag is :lol:
  3. I love to smell! especially new bags..but after awhile, the smell will be gone.
  4. I used to when I first started buying Louis Vuitton - But after a few, the novelty wears off. If the smell fades, clean the exterior with a little bit of Leather Rejuvenator from Griots Garage - It's the finest product I have ever used on my bags.
  5. :lol: no I'm not a secret bag sniffer
  6. Yep, I'm not ashamed to say I'm a bag sniffer and dang proud!

    Better sniffing bags than sniffing glue :yes:.
  7. yup the leather ones smell lucious especially when I take them out the dust baags:girlsigh:
  8. Do you speak from experience :graucho:

    I used to eat paste when I was 7 in art class if that counts.. All of the cool kids did it.
  9. Can't say that I do, just figured that was a pretty safe assumption to make :nuts:.

    Paste? Playdough was where it was at at my school. :sweatdrop:
  10. I love the smell of a new bag freshly from the dustbag. :shame:

    And I wish it could last forever. :blush:
  11. honestly... ...i get a high from smelling my bags.:shame::lol::love::blush:
  12. No, haven't tried that yet!
  13. When they're new and I'm in private, yes. After a couple days and in public? Not so much.
  14. When they are brand new - yes. After that... no!
  15. I smell absolutely everything! It's a problem.