Do you smell your age?

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  1. Discuss!!!

    Dec 05, 2007 @ 10:37am

    [​IMG]We recently witnessed a friend buy a bottle of Axe body spray. We were a little surprised at his choice, since he’s not in high school or junior high.
    He didn’t really get it when after spraying a bit of his Tsunami, we said, “This smells like a sixteen year-old boy!” Clearly, no one has ever told him that there is such a thing as smelling your age. (We now have “Terre d’Hermes” next to his name on our Christmas list.)

    This reminded us of our own junior high days, when everybody wore Heaven from the Gap, and those who didn’t, doused themselves in Calgon body sprays from Bell’s Pharmacy downtown. But after high school, college and life, one typically leaves those scents behind and moves on to more subtle, sophisticated varieties. In short, you grow out of scents to fragrances.
    To this day, the smell of anything fruity, vanilla-y or Herbal Essences-y makes us think of first period Geometry, and the smell of Chanel No. 5 immediately brings to mind our grandmother.

    So what about you? Are you a college age girl wearing Frédéric Malle’s Carnal Flower (perhaps the most intoxicating, elegant aroma we have ever smelled)? Or an older woman, perhaps even mother, harboring Tommy Girl on your dresser?
  2. I currently wear a scent that one critic once described as "what a teenage girl would wear on a first date, a juvenile fragrance with musk in place of vanilla." This is Stila's Midnight Bloom (which I believe has been discontinued).

    In junior high, I remember when girls all loved Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers, and in high school, we all wore Clinique Happy. In college I wore Hanae Mori Butterfly.

    I'd love to move onto a sophisticated fragrance, but my nose hasn't quite been trained yet... plus, my boyfriend mostly hates anything he calls "smelly."
  3. I don't really care if it's high school aroma or whatever, all I know is that if I like the smell, I'd buy it. I currently have a few that I use regularly: Estee Lauder Pleasures, Bvlgari Omnia, and Escada Rockin' Rio for the fun days. My body spray has always been The Body Shop's White Musk. I freakin' love the smell.
  4. I guess I don't know since I buy perfume based on whether or not I liked the smell not what critics say I should wear @ my age - 35. At the moment I like:

    I like Guerlain Insolence (not my insolence)
    Dior Addict 2
    Michael Kors Fiji
    D & G light blue

    So what does that make me??????
  5. I currently rotate between: Coach (it smells actually very classic and sophisticated - I get the most compliments when I wear this), Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Chance by Chanel, Rock n Rose by Valentino, and whatever samples I come across to jazz up my collection before I decide what else to buy.

    In high school I wore Bath and Body Works body sprays, and in college I don't really even know if I was paying attention.

    IntlSet, I have the Midnight Bloom scent, also!
  6. I mostly use D&G Light Blue and The One, but I am a perfume nut, so I usually also have Dior Addict and a few other random perfumes available at any given time.

    I guess Light Blue is my age (19) - it's very fresh and casual IMO.
  7. I still wear my Curve (had it for over 6 years, just recently started wearing it alot so it would empty) and I think that is about my age.

    and when I leave that in the car, I wear Ralph Lauren (in cute blue bottle) it smells good.

    I like generally sweet scents. but when those two run out im going to get jadore Dior.
  8. OMG the Heaven remark made me feel OLD OLD OLD!! LOL I was in college when that was the "deal" my younger years (Jr high) was full of loves baby soft..I HATED the stuff..I was a Ralph Lauren girl (in the dark red bottle) then it was Calvin Klein Obsession ....for YEARS!!
  9. Bath & Body Works was all rage at my highschool... Most of them smelled too cloyingly sweet to me, but then again, I never followed the "popular" crowd... I also remember CK One was a really big deal, but I thought it smelled like bugspray! (JMHO...)

    When I was 18, I started wearing Gucci Rush, which is still one of my favorite perfumes, (I'm 25 now). However, my scents of choice have matured as well... I'm big on the Oriental/Chypre fragrances... Prada, Anna Sui, Chanel No. 5, etc.
  10. Ah! I know Chanel No. 5 is a classic and all but it just reminds me of little old ladies. (Sorry if I offend anyone, just my opinion.) I got a bottle of it as a gift and whenever I wear it I am really turned off by how I smell. But guys seem to love it.. whatever. Actually I think anything with jasmine is a very mature smell.

    Intlset - I'm also wearing Midnight Bloom! Interesting critic's summary, and possibly quite true. I like how it smells of tuberose, like a less strong version of Michael Kors.
  11. Hmm, I miss the tuberose... I smell gardenia! Funny how perfume changes on each person's skin.
  12. LOL! I remember the EA Sunflowers days....a co-worker and I were talking about this just yesterday. Right now I am wearing Dolce and Gabbana, The One....I'm not sure what that says, LOL! I will say that I have been complimented every day that I've worn it....
  13. :happydance:I agree that Chanel No.5 smell like a middle aged/elderly woman with excellent taste in perfume. I smelled a woman wearing it a couple of months ago and remembered how much I like it, and went home and found an unopened Chanel No.5 body cream among my deceased grandmother's things (she left behind an oddly high number of No.5 soap bars etc.) and when I put some on I felt like I smelled like a little old lady. I like it when my mother wears it, though, but it's not for me -yet.

    In high school I always used to wear Gaultier Classique, until my mother told me she thought it smelled like cat piss... (thanks, mom!:huh:) Then I smelled Laura on a friend and started wearing it... then I had a bf act like he really hated the way I smelled one day when I overloaded on Gaultier Classique (I used the soap, wore the body lotion and the perfume... in retrospect I guess I overdid it just a tad :p) after that I stopped wearing perfume altogether, except from on a select few occations. I guess I should start wearing it daily again, but for one thing I'm scared of picking a scent that people around me are going to hate, and secondly, I haven't really found a new scent that I want to make 'mine' (I have a ton of perfume, literally. But none of them really feel like 'me', if that makes sense)
  14. I'm 22. I have various different perfumes I like.

    A new love is Daisy.

    I've also been trying some unique all natural EO scents. Very unique smells and not artificial at all. Dulcinea is my new Pink Sugar. Now when I smell Pink Sugar it smells too sweet for me.

    I also sometimes wear Hollister for a sort of preppy smell. My bf likes that. I still have this old bottle of sephora peony. That has lasted me foreverrrr but I get compliments on that definitely.

    I still like body sprays from bath and body works and calgon.
  15. So, not content with labeling certain looks in an age-ist manner there's now a move to put perfumes in the same category? Personally I prefer the idea of trying to find your signature scent...something that you can identify with and which immediately identifies you.

    At the moment I have three scents in rotation...depending on season and mood...Sake and Cannabis from Fresh and Aqua di Colonia Melograno from Santa Maria Novella. Though all different they share the same "heavy" quality...I've never been a light floral or liquid candy kind of girl.