Do you smell fish, too?

  1. After I said I would only do this if she did it through eBay officially (as in, click on that Second Chance Offer button in the auction itself) she sent me this reply.

    This smells INCREDIBLY fishy to me! What do you think?

    *I edited out her e-mail, please don't post other people's personal e-mail addresses.
  2. Stay AWAY!! Ebay doesn't make you the winner of the auction by default if the high bidder drops out, that's a total fabrication.
  3. I smell something much worse than fish...
  4. I officially hate Ebay! At least you were able to see through this scam. I hate to think about all of the people that fall for these type of things. It will probably take some more time (maybe several years), but if Ebay doesn't do a better job of protecting it's honest buyers/sellers, I think someone will come out with a better option for buying and selling that puts them out of business.
  5. ^ I totally agree with you. Right now none of the alternatives are strong enough on their own (especially since eBay holds a monopoly....*cough* paypal, too *cough*) and so eBay can bully them out. But soon, we're all going to get way too tired of this.
  6. Blech....:yucky: The only thing more irritating than the scammers and fake bags on ebay is getting an email from one who can't even communicate their scam in a orderly fashion with correct verbage. :busted
  7. Did you report this to ebay?? They can do investigations and even prosecute if they find fraud (it recently happend and made news here in Seattle, a woman was scamming thru ebay and was arrested.)
  8. Stay away!! What a fraud.
  9. No, I'm so lazy. :shame: :shame: :shame:

    However, if someone has the e-mail address I'll forward it on. :biggrin:
  10. yea i do! the email address is
    ebay sends you a letter back and stuff too, it's funny
    ive gotten those and then i'm always like, nooo, i'm too lazy to send them in, but then i got irritated the other day and was like, if your going to try to steal my money i'm kicking you off ebay, (potentially) they probably don't kick these people off, but i'm a wishful thinker.
  11. This has been the latest rampant scam being run by the bottomfeeding slimeballs to rip off trusting eBayers. I've seen this letter more times than I can count....
  12. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww that well and truly STINKS!!!:confused1:

    Second chance offer is something the seller decides to do (or not do) once an auction has ended - usually if the seller has multiple items or, if after a reasonable amount of time has elapsed, the original buyer is unable to complete the sale.

    These con-artists use Ebay (and other sites) as a front to conduct their misdemeanours.:cursing:
    It gives these sites a bad name, sadly.

    They (Ebay etc) can only do so much, they advertise on the site warning of spoof emails etc and they send emails to your account with your registered name to show that it originated from Ebay - and as fast as 10 con-artists are booted off the site, another 50 come in...ugh.
  13. Hmm, same situation happened to me recently. I bid on an item, was outbid at the last second. I received a second chance offer from the seller a week later due to the winner not going through with the purchase. However, I noticed that the original winner did a feedback on seller's site saying that "bag was exactly as described".

    So I emailed the seller and called him/her out on it. He has not since returned my email.

    More fishiness on these second chance offers!
  14. definetly stay away...and I would also forward that email onto ebay...

    this is clearly a SCAM...and be careful..I was just reading on Ebay about these types of things..and if you hit respond on the email page she sent you, it could be going directly to their website..and they could obtain your personal information...

    CONTACT EBAY right away..
  15. ^ I've since received several other fake second chance offers from different addresses. Great, I'm now on their mailing list. :cursing:

    I've forwarded them all to eBay but they only send me back generic responses even though on one of the e-mails I told them the whole situation, how I've been getting all these different e-mails from the same seller under different names. Sighhh...