Do you sleep with your earings on?

  1. I rarely wear earings but I'm afraid that my pierced ears will close up. Does anybody wear earings to the bed? Could you please recommend any earings those are comfortable enough to wear to bed? Thanks..
  2. I don't but my piercings have healed up a long time ago. I sleep on my sides so having earrings in is too uncomfortable.

    Now awhile back I used to have a very small silver hoop in the double piercing on my left tiny it would lie flat when I slept on my side and wasn't a big deal. It was comfortable.

    How long have your piercings been in, Pias?
  3. I wear 2 pairs of diamond studs in each ear every night.
  4. I pierced one hole/each ear 20 years ago and 2 more 9 years ago.
  5. Is it comfortable enough for you to wear??
  6. don't even notice them :biggrin: and I'm a side or tummy sleeper.
  7. I can't sleep with my earrings in - I feel them poking me behind my ears.
  8. For years I've worn small sterling silver hoops to bed. They have a snap closure (no uncomfortable backs). I got them from Claire's.
  9. I do. I generally only wear studs and don't feel them. I also sleep on my side. Go figure!
  10. Since I've had my ears repierced and they want to close when I take earrings out I have been sleeping with earrings. But I'd be more comfortable without them. The jeweler showed me some small studs that had little round balls on the back where you'd usually find the stud back. She said those might be better for sleeping in--Wouldn't have the point sticking you.
  11. Yeah, my first two piercings (1 hole in each) was probably 25 years ago i and I got my 2nd in my left ear only in 1986 (rebellious college thing, LMAO!). I had considered getting a 3rd piercing in my left earlobe but never happened.

    Even so, I take all my earrings out, no matter how small, before I go to bed. Just works best for me.
  12. My first piercings are completely healed, so I take out my earrings. My second [re]piercings are quite recent and I sleep in a pair of .50ctw diamond studs, which I purchased for this purpose!
  13. I like to be completely comfortable so I do not wear earrings to bed. But if you have new piercings, I would sacrifice comfort.....
  14. I take them out, they bother me. But, I would suggest some small, flat studs might be the most comfortable, ones that don't stick out that much.
  15. same here:tup: