Do YOU sing

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  1. in the shower?:nuts:
  2. :rochard::whistle:
    In the shower, in the car, whenever alone.
    I belt it out, sometimes offkey or switching octaves, but still like its my job.
  3. LOL^ ok, I'm not alone.
  4. Yes, but quietly. My bathroom is right next to the neighbors'.
  5. If by "singing", you actually mean "warbling", then yes.
  6. :jammin::rochard:YUP
    I can also do a mean Britney "Oops I did it Again" in the car (has to be on the freeway)
  7. I would like to, but the United Nations has unanimously declared that my voice constitutes a human rights violation.
  8. In the car i do all the time. Lately i've been belting it out to Troublemaker by Weezer whenever its on. I just turn it up really loud so i can't actually hear myself, lol.
  9. Shimma you're freaking hilarious, :heart:
  10. It's better for mankind if I don't.
  11. i sing in the shower, the car, the bar.. but just because i sing, doesn't mean im any good.
  12. Does humming loud count?? :jammin:
  13. Yes, I do...very badly :shame:
  14. Of course! In the shower, in the car, basically any time I am by myself!
  15. Oh hell YES! Lol esp in the car.