Do you shuffle your iPod?

  1. I had totally forgotten about this feature but it has made my workouts a lot more fun. I still put all my favorite workout music in a folder then turn on the shuffle feature after I select the playlist.

    I feel like I have a new toy!
  2. i don't do it for workouts, but i do in my car. god bless the itrip.
  3. always. otherwise i get bored too easily.
  4. I don't. I guess I'm not big on surprises, but I do try to put everything into playlists. Maybe I'll try shuffeling one day.
  5. yes, I'm too lazy to do the playlist thing.
  6. Whats a playlist? j/k Yes my ipod is always on shuffle and I still havent heard all the songs yet!
  7. Mine is always on shuffle. I love the "suspense" of not knowing which song will play next :smile:
  8. i always use mine on shuffle too, like the surprise element
  9. I couldn't live without the shuffle option...

    I mainly listen to my iPod on the road to and from school that's an hour away. So it's easier to just press the "next" button if I don't like the song, rather than have to look down constantly taking the risk of getting into an accident... :sweatdrop:
  10. sometimes i do. i know that there are certain exercises that i like to do to certain songs so i end up trying to find it sometimes
  11. It's fun to hear what random song might come up next! I love to shuffle!
  12. Always! The element of surprise is always fun :yes:
  13. I do.
  14. Yeah, I'm addicted to it. I get so bored if I don't.
  15. i only shuffle my ipod. I don't really listen album by album or by artists.