Do you / should I tip the SA?

  1. I tried doing a title search for this in the Hermes subforum, but found nothing. Some of you might have read my other thread about being offered a croc bag at my local H store.

    I have tried on the shape and size of the bag in leather recently, and my husband really likes it on me, although I was only "meh" at first. But I totally trust my husband's taste, because he has always turned out to be right in the end, when it comes to matters of fashion! :wtf: And when I told him about the croc, he told me to wear a mask (because of my virus) and go pick it up asap! (But I didn't tell him the price yet :p)

    So I have decided to buy the croc and have confirmed this with my SA. I now realize, from what you lovely ladies were telling me on the other thread, that it is truly a rare privilege to be offered croc, considering I have no previous purchasing relationship with my local H. I feel more and more grateful to my SA, the longer I think about how he managed to secure the bag for me, because when I asked him if he could hold the bag for more than the usual 3 days, he told me the store manager was not particularly pleased because someone else has also expressed interest.

    Anyway, I really cannot got pick up the bag yet because the symptoms from my viral infection (it's more than just a simple flu) will not clear up for a couple of days, so in the meantime, I am sitting here wondering whether it would be "kosher" to tip my SA when I do get the bag? :shrugs:

    Mind you, I come from a no-tipping society, and I know many people who complain no end when they have to tip in the US or southern Europe. So, would a small tip (e.g. $100) be welcomed? Or too small (relative to cost of croc)? Or seen as a bribe? Or if I start tipping now, would he expect me to tip in future, even if I purchase a tie?

    So many questions to think about. I need counsel, ladies :confused1:
  2. I don't think they're allowed to accept money...I usually write a nice card and send them something silly, like a gift card to a coffee shop (to keep up their energy). I've also given my SA some really nice chocolate. I think those types of gifts are acceptable, IMO.

    Congrats on the bag! I do hope you get it!
  3. no "tip" send some pralines/flowers etc and a personal card afterwards.
  4. Ask your DH to go make a deposit for you, they will feel better once the bag sale is secured.
  5. H SAs are not allowed to accept money/expensive gifts. I was told that the rule of thumb was to send something edible, which they could share with their colleagues (but my SA doesn't always, the meanie lol)
  6. OMG Rox a Croc.. U lucky girl. I hope u get well soon.. God Bless.. Send some Starbucks voucher to the sweet man..
  7. I really appreciate all the responses from you ladies! :flowers: Doh! Why didn't I think of edibles?!? :push: Chalk it down to living in a culture where a lot of gift-giving happens in the form of cash!

    Now, I'm thinking a man would probably not appreciate chocolates as much as women (most of the men I know are only "meh" when it comes to sweets). I'm also thinking coffee vouchers are just another form of cash. What about a big jar of really nice nuts, perhaps caramlized or flavoured?
  8. Roxane: Gift Card from Starbucks...enough for coffee and bagels for the entire staff for their Weds/Thurs staff'll be a hit...I've done it due to the same situation as you...somehow, like you, I believe that a show of appreciation is still a nice gesture but for the whole staff not just for the one SA. It's fair that way and works wonders I tell you! And the intention was straight from the heart mind you, for their lovely service and kind consideration...regardless of how much money you've already spent! Spread the love around...make everyone's day in that boutique! It's a token gesture but returns are self a selfish way! If that makes sense!
  9. A good bottle of a really good cognac?
  10. Yes, a gift of flowers or food/drink and a hand written thank you note would be appropriate.
  11. Roxane, it is against SG company regulations to tip. Nothing monetary.

    Whatever you wish to gift to your SA, please say it's for everyone to share. It should not be too obvious, and should not come across as trying too hard. Do it subtlely. Christmas is around the corner. How about a Christmas hamper? Seasons Greetings.

    Oh, perhaps no more chocolates. I was told they have been getting chocolates and they think they are getting fat! :push:

    I am happy that you have decided to get your croc bag. And I look forward to seeing your unveiling soon too. :girlsigh:
  12. :lol:
  13. ^^^^^Wouldn't that be great?

    TAAAAKKKEE OUT allllllll the birkins from the!!!!! Hik!! Hikk!! IIII WUUUVVV YOU!!!!
  14. Your posts usually have me rolling around in hysterics. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. transcendent1 :roflmfao:

    MrsS, thanks for the tip on chocolates. I actually don't really like receiving chocolates as gifts myself :wtf: but a Christmas hamper is a fabulous idea – heh, perhaps I should get one of those Chinese New Year ones, which would cover the whole spectrum from cognac to chocolates :lol: