do you shop for your REAL or IMAGINARY lifestyle?

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    While in reality I travel like this. ( see previous post)
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    When I was younger, I definitely purchased for the life I wanted to have. I bought thousands of dollars of 4" heels, evening dresses, and the like. To be honest I did wear everyone of them at least once, so it was kind of my "real" life. Luckily I did buy quality items that I can still wear to this day. Some of my best purchases were St. John. They're very high quality and they "give" just a bit for that inevitable weight swing.

    I live in Houston, TX so I probably bought a few to many cashmere sweaters, fabulous coats, and even fur coats for those quick jaunts too the north. I still have them... just in case.

    But now I buy for my real life for sure. After 18 years of working part time I've had to go back to work full time. Wow has that been a life changer. Now that I'm older, I'm very grounded regarding purchases.

    Now, if I could just get off of the jewelry and high end handbag kick. :faint:
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    Hilarious me:p!
  4. As somebody mentioned on the first pages of this thread, my real life became my imaginary life. I used to live in San Francisco, work in office during a day and go on dates at nights. I proudly told then-my fiance-to be that I do not have a single pair of flats (except my gym shoes). I've always loved the quality over quantity, so my wardrobe was always manageable, though always very expensive. Fast forward a few years and I am a SAHM and live an hour away from San Francisco City Lights... I drive a lot and not party at all... not to mention that my shoe size changed (oh-oh) after having our son, so not only my vast collection of MBs, JCs and Prada is not practical any more, it just doesn't fit! But I've been in denial refusing to letting it go until now. Also I used to have a couple of Kellys and close to a hundred of Hermes silks... not any more! My practical bags are my trusty Prada and Balenciaga, and Hermes silks are giving way to Hermes GM shawls... As you see, I refuse to give up quality :biggrin:
  5. The thing i do this the most with is heels! I have so many pairs of 5 inch designer heels sitting in my closet that I haven't worn in a few years. :crybaby:
  6. +1

    I can't bring myself to wear some of my really high-end heels...I'm so worried I'll scuff them or scratch a heel!
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    Totally there too there are too many cobblestones where I live and I do scratch the heel on first wear :sad: you know when the leather covering the heel comes off....So my babies CL have only been worn indoors.
    And not much...cause friends parties have a no shoes indoors policy and bars/clubs are too risky and dark only work is left!!! And I'm worried its too much...see in my mind I'm this dark mysterious femme fatale. In reality I'm a dork in jeans and flats. It's changing slowly though as part of my transformation this year...slowly...
    Have worn them intimately to please my
    Man who strangely prefers the red sole classic CL to the stripper shoes with clear heels.?
  8. I do this with suit and casual jackets. I love the layered look but never have time to put outfits together so I run out the door with my coat only. Also, I only have 1 coat that I can wear a jacket I never bother layering. They look so nice online so I always buy and think I will wear them. Same situation with my high heels, lol!
  9. Super bad too, I am addicted to buying anything travel related, luggage, travel cases etc. before kids, I traveled 2-3 times a month, now it's 2-3 times a year and I have more than I need but I still shop for travel gear! Total fantasy shopping sometimes, lol. I buy bags imagining going through the airport and if it will be practical under the seat in front of me, totally looney!! lol. Glad I'm not the only one!!
  10. Thanks for this im new where:graucho:
  11. I don't think I have a real or imaginary lifestyle, but more so two personalities that have a need for different things.
  12. Imaginary definitely. My closet is FULL of dresses, shorts, bikinis, crop tops, and leather jackets. Problem is I live in Canada where it snows and we only have about 3 months of "hot" weather out of the year.
  13. I've learned to reconcile my sometimes imaginary wardrobe with my real life. I own some fabulously impractical shoes (think lots strass, velvet, delicate suede, etc), but instead of waiting for an occasion to wear them, I make them the occasion. I also own some fancy dresses, but hey - I try to wear them every weekend anyway. I'm not too mindful of social context and frankly I don't think should be. So I wear sequins in daylight and heels to the lab. Big whoop - my coworkers actually like that I liven up the room.

    Life is too short. Wear the shoes.
  14. Lol- I live in MN and it is so cold that I have to layer and wear bulky sweaters and snow boots. It's impossible to be fashionable. I have so many cute ballet flats, heels and booties that I rarely get to wear. We have snow from November to May sometimes. Sigh.