do you shop for your REAL or IMAGINARY lifestyle?

  1. I love this thread! The same thing happened to me, not with clothes but with shoes! A few summers ago I had the brilliant idea of only wearing heels or wedges everywhere I went. It was only after buying a very unnecessary amount of shoes that I realized walking around the city all day long in heels wasn't all that realistic:blush:
  2. I have a purchase or two that I haven't worn due to the weather ( was hoping for more summery days )
    But purchases like that are few and far between for me.
    I also bought a leather jacket that I don't get that much use out of due to the rain.

    Overall I would say that I do shop for my real lifestyle. There's really no point in having a wardrobe full of clothes I don't wear and huge dent in my bank account.

    I think it's wiser to spend the money elsewhere ( a nice holiday perhaps)
  3. I work at home, so there's rarely a need for me to wear anything fancy or dressy. Because of this, I have stopped buying high heels and dressy clothing. I only own two suits appropriate for the office (in case I ever have to interview!) and two pairs of slacks if I go on a business trip. But other than that, all my clothing is casual. It's kinda sad really.
  4. Im going back here as its good to know how other TPFers feel and behave...
    My DH has pointed out this fact several times to me...
    He would rather buy me diamonds and watches.... but I would rather buy stuff for my closet... .... Lately , like yesterday, he already was saying ... you need therapy... LOL!!!
  5. I have been working on this! I have been buying more flats and crossbody bags. With that being said, my one guilty pleasure is still sequins. I can't tell you how many tops I have with sequins, and yet, I don't wear them. I don't have much of a 'nightlife' and as a college instructor, I can't wear them to work, but I just keep buying them. I'm like a baby attracted to shiny things :shrugs:
  6. I have definitely struggled with this! Part of my problem is that I live in a small town without many shopping options so I actually do the majority of my clothes shopping during vacations or special shopping trips in cities. So my issue is more "vacation life" vs. "real life". For example, if I shop on vacation in a city, I find that I purchase items that I love and work really well for me while I am there, but when I get home they just don't translate well.

    I have had better luck now that I am shopping more for separates that I can dress up or down depending on my alternating city/country life.
  7. Guilty, guilty, guilty. *sigh* I have always overdressed, and I love to dress up. My DH says I "dress up" all the time, although I live in the Midwest where a casual summer sundress is considered "dressed up". I buy my wardrobe as though I had an office to go to, while instead I stay at home with our three children. But I wear dresses or pencil skirts and moderate heels all the time. My DH is having a class reuinion at a nearby supper club soon, so I bought a nice dress in which to attend. When he saw the dress, he looked at me like I had three heads and said that everyone would likely be wearing shorts and t-shirts. I argued that one canNOT wear that to a nice supper club. He said, "It is in ______ (nearby town). It isn't 'nice' by your standards!"

    Overall, I constantly lament that no one dresses what I consider appropriately anymore, especially in restaurants, the theatre and other social gatherings. Everyone and everything is so casual, and I must just be a throwback because I find it distressing.
  8. I also buy for my fantasy/imaginary life.

    I buy a lot of shoes and clothes that would work well if I went out to clubs/dancing/dining/etc.
    Meanwhile, all I do is work, go to school, walk around on the weekends and be at home.

    I really want to streamline my wardrobe by the end of the year and get rid of half my stuff.

    The only good news is that I'm a big bargain shopper, so I don't spend a lot of my clothes by piece.
  9. Guilty!!! I have a fabulous closet full of expensive clothes, shoes that barely see the light of day. I'm a SHM that refuses to look shlumply and disheveled. I also have a lovely everyday/practical/fashionable wardrobe that i wear and constantly update. I guess i stil shop for that girl i was before having kids with a career. That being said, I'm still waiting for my DH to take me out somewhere fab so I can wear one of the many $$$$$$ dresses hanging in my closet.... Not wearing a $700 Hugo Boss dress to Ruby Tuesday's... Lol
  10. I used to shop for an imaginary lifestyle (still have to curb the urge to buy something unpractical), but nowadays I try and force myself to be realistic. It is hard though! But the thought of wasting all that money (again) and selling it for a fraction of the price tends to keep me on track :smile:
  11. Great question! I'm usually a very practical person but...there's 1 season that I give in to my inner impractical self. Summer.

    I love to wear soft flowing summer dresses with heels. Every year I would buy a few dresses complete with heels and find myself not wearing them or wearing them just once. This is either because summer is very short here and it's hard to keep up with my active children in a dress and heels. LOL Strappy sandals/heels are my vices as I usually buy at least 20 pairs just to probably return most of them when the season is over and I haven't had a chance to wear them.

    I wish I live in the land of perpetual summer. <sign>
  12. I mostly have clothing that fits my lifestyle. I have the odd dress that doesn't fit in, but that's about it. However, years ago when I was still in uni, I went overboard and bought many pairs of heels and fancy dresses because that's how I wanted to look, but never had anywhere to wear them :sad: Since then I have learned my lesson and live in jeans and blazers int he winter and summer dresses in the summer and rarely venture out of that comfort zone. And, I seldom wear heels int he winter because there is so much bloody snow in the tdot, it's not worth ruining a fine pair of leather pumps.
  13. I would say that I wear a majority of my clothes. My dress code for work is business casual so I can always wear a nice top and some slacks and I'm ready for work. Good news is, I like dressy clothes, I don't own many casual tees and tanks so what I wear for work can be worn outside of work.

    I do have a few suit jackets that I bought last year for a different job which I don't wear. I hate wearing suits so since I'm not required to wear them they're just sitting in the closet. I also have dresses that are for more going out or special events that I don't really get a chance to wear, because I'm always working or busy working on something else... come on DBF bring me somewhere nice!

    Shoes and purses... I only buy what I like and will wear because those are expensive! I'm into classic pieces so they can be worn for any occasion and won't go out of style. I do have some "more dressy" shoes but it can definitely worn during the day with the right outfit :smile:

    So I guess I'm pretty good with buying stuff that fits my lifestyle. Well I have to because I like such nice things! :p
  14. Yes! My feelings exactly. I am told a lot that I'm overdressed, when I think it's just that other people are underdressed. ;)
  15. I SO agree with this! Everywhere nowdays is casual casual casual and SCRUFFY! :sad: I went to a Broadway show the first time and wore a black dress with was all jeans and tees and not smart ones at all - I even saw sweatpants and runners!!! I almost felt foolish when I'd felt so chic leaving our hotel. I remember when I was a child and we went into the city on a Friday or an evening meal, we would always wear our 'best' clothes. I love looking at photos and films from the 1950's when people got really dressed up to go out, even traveling on a plane - I think it shows a type of respect for the venue you're going to and the people you are with , as well as making yourself feel good!

    Going back to the real or imaginary lifestyle question, I love this thread and its something I've thought about. I probably buy 50% of my things for a fantasy life - nothing too extreme, but I buy a lot for 'just in case' which never seems to happen! "I'll buy these (evening) shoes, just in case we go out to so-in-so place". "I'll buy this dress just in case we go for a beach holiday".