Do you shop for Gucci at non-authorized stores?

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  1. There are quite a few online stores offering claimed authentic Gucci bags for prices much lower than retail. Have you shopped at these places and what's your opinion on them? :tup: or :tdown: ?
  2. It's too risky to shop at those stores. So many fakes out there.
  3. Pardon my ignorance... but what is the definition on an unauthorised store? Like Jomashop, or Bluefly, R. Network? Or a boutique that isn't a flagship Gucci boutique? Cos I shop for not only Gucci, but Fendi etc at these kind of stores as well. Of course not just any store, or any online site. Too many crooks out there.
  4. Sorry for not being specific. I meant the lesser known boutique type online stores such as these:
    e fashion house (I don't know why its name would get censored, is it a scam?)

    There used to be another one called CityModa a few years back but has since disappeared.
  5. No, dont trust anything anymore but Gucci and NM and stores like that...
  6. Nope, I wouldn't shop from those places.