Do you shave your arms?

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Do you remove your arm hair?

  1. Yes

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  1. I don't but had a convo with some friends, some who do, some who don't. Im just curious to see if this is a common thing?
  2. I've never heard of this.:o
  3. I know some girls do shave their arms but I don't. I don't have much arm hair anyway.
  4. I have very hairy arms, but I would never shave them. But, I know this one girl who does and let me tell you, it's not attractive. I rather have the hair than the stubble.
  5. I do cos I have hairy arms that look really ugly.. :shame: plus after some time shaving i noticed the hairs got finer and less.. so it's a good thing.. no stubble or anything, just smoother arms lol
  6. No
  7. I would think a hair-minimizing lotion would be better for a woman with overly-hairy aims. I would not want the stubble either. In fact, some days I will I had the guts not to shave my legs.
  8. I don't. My hair is not thick and and is very fair. Both of my sisters shave their arms and I just can't bring myself to do it. It would just be one more thing to shave! :lol:
  9. I either do that or use a depilatory..I just don't like the look of it. My hair is light and thin on my arms anyway so it's not THAT noticeable but I notice it. I just like it better when they're smooth.
  10. No I don´t.
  11. I have hairy arms, but not overly hairy that it looks like I'm wearing a fur sweater.

    My friend Emily used to shave her arms, and it was weird. When she would shave them, they would be soooo smooth. It just looked and felt weird. It also looked HORRIBLE when it started to grow back, lol. She would have lots of black little polka dots on her arms, lol
  12. i don't but my sister does. my hair is very light, so i don't think it's necessary.
  13. I don't but I knew someone that did. I thought it looked too smooth if you know what I mean? I saw someone do it on that program Tiara Girls aswell, which is understandable if your in pagents all the time, the only hair you'd want then is on your head.
  14. I tried waxing my arms once but the hairs were so sparse and fine nothing stuck :sad:
  15. I don't, but my younger (teenage)daughter likes to do this. She likes the wayit makes her arms feel smooth. Go figure! She has light hair on her arms like mine.