Do you share your clothes with your siblings?

  1. No not really as they are different sizes to me especially height wise but I do buy them stuff especially for my brother as we have the same taste
  2. Yes, we're all about the same size so we borrow each other's clothes all the time.
    Although we make sure that if it's a new item that the purchaser gets to wear it first.
  3. my sister takes my clothes without asking and it drives my crazy!
    it sounds really selfish, but i hate sharing clothes, i don't let my sister or any of my friends borrow my things! especially on nights out, we could both be seen in the same outfit within a couple of weeks of each other!
  4. i do share w my sisters, i love to do so and they love my clothes. i do share to my friends too, but rarely
  5. I don't live in the same state as my sisters, so not really. But when I am in town and if they want to borrow something, I'm fine with it. I buy them clothes or give them clothes out of my closet if that is something they want.
  6. I love sharing clothes with my sisters when we were still all under one roof. You get three times the wardrobe for the price of one, and it's so much fun. Now I am just stuck with my own wardrobe.
  7. I share like all my clothes with my sisters, they both just take stuff out my closet and say they are borrowing it lol!
  8. I share with my sister all the time!
  9. I dont have siblings, so this question is easy. No! :p
  10. me too but i had a friend once who was a size bigger than me and i asked to borrow a top and her response was no you have big boobs and my clothes may never return to their intended shape.
  11. No, because we're totally different sizes.
    If we were the same size, probably still no becuase we have very different taste and I'm kind of OCD about my stuff.
  12. Well, I only have a brother so NO.

    If I did have a sister, the answer would probably still be no. I don't even share clothes with my best friend because I take really good care of my stuff and I'm paranoid about it if someone else has it. That's one reason why I'm glad I have a brother. LOL.
  13. We share EVERYTHING, but not always by choice :p
  14. I have a friend who once borrowed a pair of my jeans. Well, her butt was way bigger than mine, and needless to say...those jeans became hers lol.
  15. I have three older brothers!! so no.. always wanted a sister, now that I'm older and love fashion I'm SO glad i don't have a sister!! haha