Do You Share Your Closet/ Wardrobe Space With Your Husband/Bf ?

  1. I don't share closet space with my husband at all, it is completely "his and hers" closet situation with us.

    Do you have separate closet space, or do you share ?
  2. I have got the absolute worst closet situation EVER!!! WHen we moved into our HK apartment...there were NO closets. And I am not just meaning small ones...I mean NONE! My Dh and I built the equivalent of kitchen cupboards in our bedroom to house our YES we share, and probably each have about 4 feet of hanging space each! It SUCKS!!!!!
  3. Yes we share... Our closet is a pretty big room but we are still out of space. The way it's set up has some wasted space plus my husband has 2 wardrobes- suit & tie & everyday. He has more clothes than me!
  4. We do not share. My fiance uses the master bedroom closet and I use the the guest bedroom closets which is two deep closets.
  5. We currently do not share, but once I move to NYC, we will have to share closet space :sad: . I have no idea how it will work. I think people rent storage space for there stuff...but I doubt we'll do that!
  6. WE share--or um, try to! My stuff always seems to take over the whole closet, though. I think we might get an antique wardrobe for the "overflow."
  7. NO way could I ever share a closet with my husband. Put a pack rat, messy person next to a minimalistic organized one. I can't even go in his closet, he has a walk in closet probably 10 X 15 feet, full of stuff top to bottom and I have a closet maybe 6 feet wide (if that) it is smaller than my kids closets, but I have a armoire for my purses, ect. and plan on getting some Ikea white closets since I put my original tan Ikea closets in the basement when we moved here. I do miss my Ikea closets, the best organization one can have because you pick out exactly what you need. I hate to share a closet....
  8. We share, have a nice-sized walk-in, but I also use the guest bedroom closet for my seasonal/summer stuff. When we get another house I'd love to have my own.
  9. We have seperate closets. We have this pretty large apt, but the closets were laid out terribly! complete misuse of the space- i get angry everytime i have to get something out! maybe new closets this year- we'll see! cross your fingers for me!
  10. My Husband is a neat freak like me.....everything is colour coded... seasonally separated.
    But he is worse than i am (I think) but he says that I am worse than him. Every item has a place in his closet, Its quite impressive for a guy.
  11. Yeah, Ikea have amazing organizational items.
  12. yes, although i do take up more than 1/2. BUT, less than 2/3. im working on this.
    i am hella jealous of walk in closets!
  13. I could never share my closet with my fiance! Me and him are looking for houses right now and the first thing I do is to see if they have a walk-in-closet or a biiiig closet cause I need all the space!!! But with his clothes we can always buy something from Ikea :smile:
  14. We share our master bedroom close. He actually insists I stay out of "his half" of the closet. Sheesh.
  15. BF and I share also. But he gives me most of the space ;)