Do you share recipes handed down through your family?

  1. I confess I'm somewhat surprised by something that happened to me recently. I was at a friend's and she served me some food that was quite delicious. I told her that it tasted really good, and would she mind sharing how she made it? I was rather surprised when she told me "No. It's a family recipe"

    I personally, and everyone in my family thought that food was meant to be enjoyed by everyone, and if someone asked for a recipe it was very freely given out with no second thoughts. My friend's food was not a commercial venture or anything like that - if so I definitely would not have asked.

    So my question to you you share family recipes with people?
  2. I do share all my recipes too, but I know some people don't.
  3. yes. Because I believe food is to be enjoyed, and the more people are able to enjoy it, the better.
  4. i dont mind, but i know my grandma *accidentally* leaves ingredients out when she shares hers...
  5. ^ LOL, that's how my mom is :rolleyes:

    I always share my recipes!!!
  6. It depends for me. If it's a very old family recipe and not a lot of people know about it, then I don't share, b/c the recipe is, I guess you can call it, a "family heirloom."

    For my invented recipes, yes, I do share them.
  7. This is how my mom and aunts are.
  8. Depends on the recipe. I have one or two recipes from my mom's side of the family (Italian) I can never share. One of them is my great grandmother bread recipe, the recipe is over 300 years old. And I could never share my grandmothers marinara recipe.

    I have hundreds of other recipes I share all the time.
  9. Most of my cooking is not from a recipe, I'm a toss what you got in a pot type of girl. So I'll let people know what's in it. But I will not give out the recipe for my ginger snaps. They are the best things on earth, soft and chewy and the right amount of spice. I won't even give it to my mom! People beg me to make them all the time. I don't know, that one I want to keep to myself:shame:
  10. I usually don't use recipes, but of course I would share!
  11. no, I don't share. I don't know why, but its better when only people in the family (usually the women) know how to do it. just a tradition.

    Like the coconut bread (my family is from the west indies)
  12. I would have no problem sharing any recipe.

    I did know a girl that made a nice chocolate mousse cake that she created by asking Chef's in restaurants for their recipes. But...when someone wanted her recipe she said NO!! I mean if the chef's didnt share with her she would have nothing. Karma must have stung her cause she is an idiot and no one likes her anymore HAHA.
  13. I'm with the "food is there to share" thing and if more people love it and make it, the less likely it is to die.

    It warms my heart and my husband's family's hearts that a special recipe made by an 84 year old woman was asked by me. I asked her if I could share it (always nice to ask if you can share someone else's recipe) and she was thrilled somone wanted her recipe.

    Over the last 15 years I have probably given out that recipe 20 times and it makes me happy that a part of her will continue to go on even though she is almost lost to us now (she's now late 90s and basically "gone").

    On the other hand, if someone asked me for some cake secrets, I would only share if I felt they were not going to be competition for me. I would NOT share with someone who could steal my few (and read FEW) clients from me! Or worse yet, soemone who doesn't want to pay for my cakes but wants to know how I do it... sorry... not sharing that!
  14. Yes! I have my great grandmother's homemade waffle recipe. No bisquick here, baby!! Scratch all the way :smile: I intend to share it with my brother's kids if he hasn't already planned on doing so. And I've passed it on to a couple friends too! The more the merrier.
  15. This reminds me of Bree trying to get that recipe from the new neighbor lady on Desperate Housewives. Bree even broke into her home to steal it. I always share recipes. It's such a compliment when somebody asks for one.