Do you share how much you spend on LVs?

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  1. I was just reading a few threads in the forum and came across many people feel that it is rude for someone to ask how much your LV cost. I admit I actually never gave it too much thought so to be honest I did share with a few close friends what I spent on bags when they asked but definitely not to show off because they have more bags then I do and obviously I don't just tell anyone who comes up and ask me. To me, it's like sharing with each other(Bag enthusiasts) thoughts on bags and that includes pricing, kind of like what we do here! So my question is do you guys share the price of your bag if someone who is NOT just mere acquaintances ask you about it? Why and why not?
  2. i don't usually. It's really no one's business how much I spend on bags. My friends don't usually ask. One did ask what was the most I've spent on a bag. That I did answer. I certainly don't tell my mother - she'd freak out!
  3. I don't share how much my bags cost. I refer them to the LV website. Lol!
  4. I've only shared with a very close friend because she asked & is interested in getting one. Others I just say I don't remember but you can probably find it on their website. Honestly even when my friend asked I could only give a rough estimate (and then had to check) because I don't remember & all my receipts are in one of my LV boxes at the top of my closet.
  5. It's no one's business! When I do get asked (which is not often )my usual answer is "a couple hundred " even if it was alot more!!!:lol:
  6. No-I never tell anyone what my bags cost
  7. When I told my Mom I wanted a designer bag, she asked me how much something like that would cost. I told her, you know how you freaked out when I bought my Coach purse? Well multiply that a few times. She said okay, enough said :biggrin:

    I don't talk about price with anyone. Some of my husband's friends were curious. They made comments like, I would NEVER spend that much on a purse for my wife. It made me mad. It's really no ones business how you spend your money! Next time they ask, I'm just going to say, you may reference the website if you'd like to know!
  8. LOL!! i agree on that one, I don't tell my mom either, she will FREAK!! last time I was carrying a Bottega Veneta and I was heart-aching and desperately trying to clean my bag because I just spilled some chinese stir-fry vegetables on it. She looked so puzzled and asked what brand bag is it why am I so worried, I had to tell her "o yeah, another coach brand..." with a very strained smile.

  9. If asked I tell. I don't care. I work hard to spend my money on whatever I want. My family understands quality costs.
  10. I never share the price of anything I purchase. Faking forgetfulness has always worked for me :smile:
  11. It depends. I generally don't like talking about prices and money, but if its a genuine question from somebody looking to buy the same, I try my best to be helpful.
  12. Not anymore. I once made the mistake of buying a wallet in front of my in-laws and I never hear the end of it. Now I keep it to myself.
  13. Hmm depends on who is asking. If it's a close friend, I know they're only asking because they're interested or wanting one and wouldn't give me crap for it. If it's a random person saying "nice purse" and asking how much, I'd say it was a gift.
  14. I only tell my boyfriend and best friend.
  15. so do you guys not tell because of negative experiences like lil_fashionista mentioned or just never felt like it was necessary?