Do you share bags with your family members?

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  1. I am temporarily living with my family again and my little sisters always want to use my bags. :P I do not mind for the most part, only several new ones I would keep for my personal use because I am afraid they might ruin it. I know it is silly, but that's how I am and they are very grateful that I can lend them a couple.

    My question would be, do you guys share your bags with your mom/sister/in-laws? If you don't, why not? If you do, do you lend them all or just selective ones?

    PS: I use the search tool and did not find similar topic, but do merge if its already been asked. Thanks.
  2. Yes, I've shared with my daughter, mother, and one of my best friends but I don't think I'd share with anyone else. Those 3 share my love for designer bags and have their own collections also so I know that they'll take care of them just like I would. And when we do share it's only for a little while like a special occasion or a weekend so it's not like the bag is getting a ton of every day use for weeks that would put any wear on it.
  3. Yes, I do. I'm always happy to share all my bags, or even swap bags, with my mother. Would I trust anyone else with my bags? Probably not.
  4. I share them with my sister only because I know she will take care of them and it makes sense to share and have more. I know siblings that doesnt share bags...I mean they both bought the same bag which is really stupid since they are staying together anyway....
  5. i agree, that's dumb.the only time i buy the same as my sister is shoes cuz we wear different sizes...
    i wouldn't want a bag twin on purpose!if we like the same bag, we each get a different color and then borrow.
  6. I can't understand sibling rivalry and not asking them to share underwear...its just a bag. I am close to my sister, after all, she's the only in the world who shares 99% of the DNA with me
  7. I don't mind loaning some of my less expensive bags, but my expensive bags like Hermes are mine alone. If I had a friend or relative that treated bags as I did it might be different. I have gifted my mother expensive bags and she has destroyed each one. I cringe as I watch her put light colored lamb skin on dirty garage floors and such. She has asked to borrow bags before and I simply cannot loan her anything I want back. I use and enjoy my bags, but I also take care of them. I invest in them and plan to use them for many years. My friends and family see bags as rather disposable items they use and abuse then replace.
  8. I don't like to share my bags. My daughter has borrowed/ stolen my bags and I had to give her one that I liked a lot after she had a half eaten pop tart in there!!!! Ewwww!!!!
  9. I have shared swapped and given bags with/to my mother and sister and they have reciprocated. Getting loaned bags back has occasionally been a problem but I am sure they could say the same of me. There are bags I would not lend. I would only give not loan to my niece and friends. No one else.
  10. There aren't many people I would trust to look after my bags, but I would happily lend them to my mother...however when I offered once she didn't want the responsibility!
  11. No, I do not share. My mom onced asked to bother one of my bags for a short trip but other than that I won't give my bags to anyone.
  12. Yes, absolutely. My sister borrows everything (clothes, shoes, jewelry, make up...everything) and often uses it before I get a chance to myself lol. I don't mind because she's careful with it. One time she was taking pictures with all her friends when someone suddenly bumped into her and made a deep scratch on my hermes cuff... it wasn't even a big deal but she got super pissed and babied it for the rest of the night :lol:
  13. When It comes to my high end bags, the only person that I would share with is my mom. She shares the same love that I do for high-end bags. I bought her a LV as a gift and she babies it more than I baby my bags. We swap whenever I get the chance b/c I trust her. When it comes to other relatives or friends, it's either never or a very select few (and even then it's only coach, m by MK, and the like).
  14. I feel lucky that I only have one brother and no sisters!
    I would lend my mother a bag if she asked, but she probably wouldn't because we have very different tastes in bags.
    She finds my bag obsession amusing...
  15. My mom, grandma, and I swap bags with each other all the time. All three of us have a bag obsession, and are really careful with each others bags. I wouldn't lend them to anyone else though.