Do you share a hobby with your SO?

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  1. That is my question of the day....and here's the story behind it:

    I go to school (currently doing a PhD) and on the weekends and evenings I am always busy with something related to school. Anytime I get bored I can always find something to do (write a paper, do reading, stats stuff for my research, etc.). When the hubby gets bored...he doesn't have anything to do. So about 2 years ago I got a little tired of him bugging me to do something all the time (mostly because I had homework to do...and I couldn't spend the entire weekend with him...I had to get the homework done!) and told him to get a hobby! Well that resulted in an RV and 3 ATVs (one for me). We had a blast with his hobby when we lived in Cali....but now in Indiana no one is into that. So we're selling all of it because in 18 months they were used once.
    Now we want a joint hobby....something we'll both we are going to buy a car. Not just any car....but a 1960s muscle car. We are going to completely restore it and then race it on the weekends. We know absolutely nothing about cars but we have friends who are mechanics and I love to buy books to learn new things. I'm so excited! And to include my passion of purses....I'm demanding the car be named Louis ! you and your SO share a hobby...and if so what is it?
  2. Well, your new hobby sounds like so much fun!!! My hubby and I do quite a bit together, photography, hiking, mountain biking, and we're political junkies!! Keeps us busy together.
  3. My SO do not really share any hobbies except reading (which isn't exactly interactive, especially since we don't enjoy the same books and can't discuss them).

    Gosh, if eating is a hobby, then I guess we both enjoy doing that together...
  4. Twiggers know what you mean. When we lived in Cali we raced Motocross now that we are in Texas its not as popular so we sold our bikes and did the same thing as you and your s/o bought a car and joined a car club where we met some great new people and we both are really enjoying it.:flowers:
  5. nope, we do not share any hobbies either.
  6. We both surf the net together and love watching the same TV shows. Does that count? Hehe.
  7. No, but we need some desperately!!
  8. My DH and I share golf and tennis, we both love to read (tho as someone said not very interative...but fun to snuggle up in front of the fire together).

    Do the kids count? We obviously do a lot of family stuff.

    Twiggers, that sounds so fun and smart to develop something together. Congrats!
  9. no ..... i thought we did. i have spent some $$$ on skiing equipment and season pass for the last couple of years that i dont really enjoy :yucky: . now everytime i look at my ski equipment, i want to cry since i know i could have had a chanel instead :hysteric:

    moral of the story, dont give in to your SO's hobby for the sake of having the same hobby....
  10. we love to go to the beach, he likes surfing, so whenever he and his friends surfed, i enjoy my time on the beach reading books, taking surfing pictures and video.
    we also like to watch england premiere league football :P
  11. We both love to shop, which is great :smile: We go shopping a lot together.

    We also both enjoy swimming, reading, cooking, dancing, etc :smile:

  12. AMA: OMG that sounds exactly like what happened to us! ATVing just isn't a big thing out here....people snowmobile but I refuse to go out into the cold willingly!
    What kind of car did you buy???

    We're thinking of a Chevelle, Nova, or a Camaro (something late 60s up to '71 depending on the car). Hubby really wants a '56 Chevy but they are sooooo hard to find!
  13. Thanks Twinkle! I'm really trying....I feel so badly because he loves ATVing, but it just seems like such a waste to have something we don't use (plus we don't own the RV outright and it's a shame to be making that monthly loan payment for something we never use) I'm hoping if we can get into something we both like (I'm really competitive so I'll like the show aspect...and I'm a perfectionist and love hunting for things - which restoring cars definetly requires hunting down parts forever) it'll be OK.
  14. Hum well Vlad and I enjoy quite a few things. We enjoy swimming and working out together. We enjoy surfing the net together. We enjoy going on rides, bike rides, etc.

    We have lots of things in common!!!
  15. Well not really - we both like to collect though - he collects antiques, clocks, art, etc. I collect handbags and jewelry. (not exactly a match). We don't like one tv show together (fight over the remote, he wins). We both like to sleep on my side of the bed. We both like to spend HIS money but on different things - It's amazing we've been together 30 years!!!!!!!