Do you send with Signature Confirmation?

  1. I'm just wondering how many of you send with Signature Confirmation on items over $250? I know PayPal only protects sellers up to $250 unless you send with Signature Confirmation. What if the buyer wants the package to be left and not have to sign for it? Is there a note left by the mail carrier that the recipient can sign and leave in their mailbox authorizing delivery?
  2. I believe to be covered by Paypal Seller protection policy you need to have signature confirmation on any sale $250 or more. You need to protect yourself, so require the signature confirmation.
  3. I always send my packages with signature confirmation. I just add it to the shipping costs. It's not an option because, as the seller, it protect me. I've never had a buyer request not to have it.
  4. yup. you don`t do it to save the sellers ass, you do it to save YOUR ass.
  5. Definitely request a signature, it's to protect YOU as the seller and is required by Paypal for items over $250. It also helps in cases of delivery to the wrong address (which has happened to me before). Protect yourself, it's important.
  6. Most reasonable buyers would understand the necessity of signature confirmation. Just let them know it's protection for both of you. If I bought something $$$$$, I'd want all kinds of confirmations :smile:
  7. yes, do require signature confirmation. if they have to go pick it up at the post office or whatever, big deal. protect yourself.
  8. I sold a bunch of items this weekend, and even items that were $200 I still put in signature confirmation and insurance. That way neither the buyer nor I have to worry. Peace of mind!
  9. It does seem that if you don't have a tracking number and delivery confirmation that Paypal generally rules in favour of the buyer rather than the seller on a dispute. It doesn't cost a lot more and its worth it.
  10. I ALWAYS send with signature confirmation even items under $250.00. I do tell them they will have to sign for the item, and send a tracking number so they know when to expect it. I would never take a chance at the item being lost.
  11. I ALWAYS send packages off with signature confirmation. ALWAYS.under &over $250
  12. I highly recommend using signature confirmation for every package. You can never be too cautious with all the recent eBay corruptions!
  13. Yup - it's not worth scrimping on the $2 to have the package "lost" IYKWIM
  14. $250 or over - absolutely yes.

    Less than $250 - look at buyer's fb, buyer's address, whether it is a confirmed address, etc, If it looks like it is going to an apt building or condo, I pay for the Signature Confirmation
  15. I always do. It is a smart way to protect yourself. If is easy for a buyer to say they never got an item and to file a dispute saying that it must have been sent to the wrong address. If you can save yourself the hassle for a couple of bucks, it is definitely worth it.