Do you sell to people with private feedback?

  1. I won't buy from anyone with private feedback, but right now I have a best offer for a bag I'm selling from someone with private feedback. All I can tell on eBay is that they have one neg.

    I'm trying to decide if I want to counter offer, or just not deal with someone with private feedback. Any thoughts?
  2. If it's bothering you, ask them to make their feedback public temporarily so you can check it, and then they can make it private again.
  3. Why would anyone keep their feedback private except to hide something? It just screams "problem" to me.

    I wouldn't buy from anyone with private feedback or accept an offer from them either.
  4. I just sold a pricey item to someone with private feedback. I clicked on their user name to see how long they have been a member (I believe it was 4 years) and I think it also showed their score, but no %. I acceted the offer and everything went fine.
  5. Anytime I have dealt with ebayers with private feedback, be it buyer or seller, I have run into problems. This is just my personal experience and would probably avoid in the future.
  6. I have in the past, I've just checked to see what their fb % is. Mostly it has been good so I haven't had a problem.
    I don't know if you can do this with private fb, but maybe try using on their name?
    I think one reason people may make their fb private is because some people may not want others to see what they've bought in the past.
  7. Guilty. :rolleyes::sweatdrop:
    I've private my feedback for this reason, then I unprivate after it's been 90 days.:lol: I have 100% feedback. None of the sellers refused / cancelled my offer when I had private feedback.

    I think you should ask them to unprivate... Or if they have 100% feedback, perhaps it'll be okay? If you sell it to them, make sure you do all the things to protect yourself!!! :tup::heart:
  8. ^Lol.
    But even still, it could be because their family members know their eBay names and maybe they bought gifts via eBay and they don't want their family members to know what they were. Or maybe because someone they know also knows their ebay name and they don't want people to know how much they spend on items. I knew one girl who had an acquaintance who was an "ebay stalker" and would always give her grief about how much she spend on bags so she made her fb private.
    Anyway, that said, there are a lot of reasons why the fb might be private so it's not always for a shady reason.

  9. How can you make your buying feedback private?

    I have sold to someone with private feedback, I called ebay and discussed it with them as It was an expensive designer item. They assured me the buyer had good feedback, although they could not discuss the details with me. It went well~:tup:
  10. To check peoples private feedback go to and check sellers bid history!

    All resellers have their feedback private!
  11. Thanks for the goofbay link. This person probably is a reseller. I went ahead and made a counteroffer and this person accepted and paid right away. They have a confirmed address, so I will insure the package and get signature confirmation. If I didn't need the money right now, I probably wouldn't have countered at all. Hopefully everything works out okay.
  12. I will not buy from a seller with private feedback, but I would probably sell to them. I have to agree with the above comments that either they are a reseller or they want to keep their purchases private. I hope that it all works out for you!
  13. BTW I made feedback private on one of my buying IDs because of someone really nosy minding my business about what I was buying, and then blabbing it everywhere. It's not 'cause I'm dishonest, I just wanted that person to get a life and stop stalking me!
  14. I would never buy from someone with private feedback, but I've definitely sold to them. It's no problem for me. They are probably a reseller or bought some private items (I'm thinking surprise birthday gifts or adult items or medical items like adult diapers or something...