Do you sell for profit, fun, or to rid your things?

  1. I'm just curious to know.

    I listed my first item because I just want(ed) to get rid of it! (this auction is still active, so hopefully I will get rid of it soon!) I highly doubt I will get what I paid for it, so it's definately not about the money.

    I listed a few other things and one sold, I was hoping to make a few bucks out of it since I got it for more than 50% off and it's quite popular. Unfortunately, I got LESS than what I paid and that's not including the listing, final value and paypal fees! I was actually SUPER HAPPY to have sold my first item, I didn't even care that I lost a few bucks. It was so fun!

    I want to continue selling for all the above reasons, but I honestly hope to make a few bucks on the way!
  2. I'd sell just to cut down on what I have. Nobody likes to take a loss so I wouldn't buy just for the fun of turning around and selling. Some people do but each to his own. Unless you make a profit or are trying to cut down on what you have, I'm afraid you will be paying eBay and Paypal for entertainment in the long run. But congratulations on your first sale even if you didn't make mega bucks.
  3. I have just begun selling items from my closet to rid my closet of too many things! However, I am also doing it to recoup the money I paid, or most of it. Let's see how it goes...
  4. I sell to get rid of things I should never have bought or never used and can no longer return. I'm thinking of selling some books, DVDs and other items just to clear out clutter and maybe make a little money. They just take up space.
  5. I sell to recoup some of my money from bags I don't use. I've never made a profit per se, with eBay and paypal fees but some money is better than none. I start bidding off at the minimum price I'll accept so if it sells, it won't be at a terrible loss.
  6. Years ago you could literaly turn water into wine selling on eBay. Nowadays that is a rare thing for me. Right now I sell to fund other things I want. I went thru a phase in my life where I could not pass a good deal on anything and made a lot of impulse buys. I also bought a lot of the "IT" things - what the heck was I thinking? So to curb that I am not using any of my own credit or cash for new things; I'll just budget what gets recouped back. So I am a lot more choosier now. If I find it in my closet still being unused after 6 months it is going in eBay. A few have actually sold for more than I paid but most are selling at a loss. ouch.
  7. I sell stuff on ebay to fund my future purchases... I don't make money, sometimes have to take a big hit.. Like half of the price I paid..
    The only thing I don't lose a lot of money on is my Balenciaga bags..
  8. I sell most things to clear out and make room.......I donate to charity (or friends, LOL) whatever I don't/can't sell anyway, so it's leaving the house one way or another. Might as well try to recoup a few bucks at least.
  9. I sell different items(purses, clothing, sports stuff etc) we are no longer using, to clean out closets(and fund some new purchases:p)
  10. The few items I have sold are nice things I have grown tired of and are too nice to discard. A couple of them are items I purchased myself on ebay and for whatever reason weren't quite right. I have never made money on any of these items but, if you are not going to use them yourself, you might as well get something for them. Because buyers are always looking for bargains on ebay, I would think it would be pretty hard to make much of a profit on anything.
  11. I sell to buy new things.. right now im dying for a Bal Part Time with GH so Im trying to save up for tht :smile:
  12. I sell to clear out the closet. I am a shopaholic so I have way too many bag, shoes and clothes. I either give the stuff to my less off relatives or sell it on eBay.

    Congrats on your 1st sale!
  13. I do it for the fun. I also have picked up some good deals and flipped them - still for a reasonable amount to the next buyer. I view it as entertainment. Also helps thin the closet and golf bag out... :roflmfao:
  14. There are many times I go to the Coach outlet, find a bag I adore, love it for a little while (barely!), and then I am still able to turn around and sell it for MORE THAN I PAID FOR IT! I generally sell to make a little extra play money for things like salon trips, massages, etc.
  15. I've recently picked up really good deals, and could make a few bucks while the buyer will save a ton too. I haven't decided if I'm going to list them yet. My BF doesnt understand why I bought things that he knows I'm not into. He think's I'm crazy since I've been on ebay 24/7 and tell him I'm "Working" when he asks what I'm doing. :p