Do you sell/buy Gift Cards (GC) on Ebay? Why?

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  1. I've been following this forum for a while and read about people buying/selling gift cards a lot but I don't understand why. I did a search but haven't found the answer. I'm from Kuwait so maybe this is an American thing, but why do people sell/buy Gift Cards on Ebay? Here in the Middle East, gift cards are just cards with money on them from a particular store. I would guess people sell them to get money back if they're credit-only gift cards but why would you buy them? If you have the funds to buy a gift card why don't you just go into a store and make your purchase without a GC? :confused1:
  2. Usually, the cards are discounted by a certain amount. Say a gift card that is worth $100 in buying power may sell on ebay for $80. The buyer can then go to that store and purchase something listed at $100, but only spend $80. That said, gift cards are a huge fraud item on ebay, so buyer beware.
  3. ^^^^ Yeah, thats usually the reason. Or people just don't have a use for the card and want to liquidate it for money they could use.

    That said, I'd stay away from selling gift cards. I got scammed by a buyer and got suspended because of that :tdown:
  4. I also pondered this, as well. Good question..

    I know I wouldn't risk it either.
  5. I have mainly bought gift cards on *Bay when the 20 - 30% discount was still active. I have not bought since then.
  6. I sold one. I received a gift from a store that's not really my style. I returned the item and could only get a gift card so ebay was my best option.
  7. That is why I have sold gift cards in the is better to get something for it if I know that I am not going to use it :tup:!
  8. Thanks everyone for the info! I still feel the risk outweighs the benefits but thanks for the clarification!

    Onegirlcreative, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has wondered about this!
  9. I've sold several giftcards in the past; everything from a $30 iTunes (thanks grandma but I don't need any more songs) to a $320+ Nordstrom credit. Each transaction went off without a hitch, though with GC I NEVER accept new or low feedback buyers.
  10. what are the risks in selling a GC on ebay? i have been thinking of it. but i don't want to mess up my power seller status.

    not sure.. *thinking* what could happen if i know there is a balance on the carrd...
  11. i sold several gift cards that i don't shop there, never have a problem, only with BIN and immediate payment
  12. that would be an option, do you mind telling me what percent you lower your value to? and had good luck.

    like if you had a $100 merch credit maybe BIN for $75?
  13. I would have to trust the seller. I sold a $400.00 Best Buy card for $340.00 (Was a gift from employer)
    But I scratched off the security code and photographed it just in case buyer wanted to scam me. I
    disclosed this in auction, though.

    I checked balance about a month later, and it was still unused! If I were dishonest, I could have
    scammed buyer, but I believe in karma too much!

    I, for one, probably wouldn't buy one these days with all the deceitful people out there, and especially
    in this economy. It really isn't worth the potential risk, IMHO.