Do you see your bags objectively?

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  1. Wow, tonight really opened my eyes to my handbag collection.

    We had friends over and as the night wound down I invited my friend to see my handbag collection. I asked her for total honest opinions. She doesn't buy high priced bags but loves them.

    First thing she says is "Wow, I can tell you like all the same kind of bags".....(???)I thought all my bags looked different.

    She said "You really like black and brown, huh?" Uhhhh...yeah, I guess I do :hrmm:

    She says "You like casual slouchy bag".....Is it that obvious?

    And she says that my bags don't seem to reflect my personality. They seem dull or down to her and I am upbeat and more vibrant.

    She says "Too much braids and crossstitching (whipstitching)". Oh My...yes, that would be Koobas.

    I really am shocked. I thought I had a wide variety of different style bags but find to anothers eyes, they all look alike.

    She liked my Red Kooba Elisha the best. She said it's simple and classy and pretty.

    Do I need to reassess my bags? Or change my personality? LOL

    It is interesting to let someone peek into your closet and give you a review. You might not hear what you think you would.
  2. I don't show my bags to most people because I don't want them to say I'm nuts. It's somewhat rural around here so you don't see to many Lvs. Perhaps the next time a friend from the city comes up I'll take my chances and see what they say.
  3. I too have never shown my bags to anyone and I don't really think I ever would - it is not something I talk about a lot, just a private passion really. I don't think I want anyone to give me an 'objective' perspective because for me the whole point of my bags is that I, subjectively, love them!
  4. Only a couple of people (meaning my mom and best friend) have seen my collection. They both tell me that I am nuts but they just don't understand my love for beautiful bags.
  5. I have a pretty decent variety actually. I'd be bored if I have all of the same thing bc I do like to mix it up. I am partial to Chanel but I have a limit on even those just so I don't get a "collection" of 1 bag.
  6. i completely agree! its nice to receive a compliment on a bag i'm wearing, but the real reason i'm wearing it is because i love it!
  7. Hmmm... good thread. I don't think I could ever show my entire collection to somebody, for fear they'd think I was nuts. I mean, they know that already, I'm a wild and crazy gal, but - naahhh. I do show whichever one I'm carrying that I haven't previously carried, and get good responses usually. Of course, I don't know anybody IRL who likes handbags as I do.

    Now, I think it's not a bad thing to have a number of bags that look very similar. I mean, you bought the bag because you liked it, right? It made you happy? Obviously we've all got a style we like. Sometimes we might get stuck in a rut (as I was for many years - I would not ever consider anything other than a black bag). A design company whose name I won't mention because I'm always talking about Hayden-Harnett here changed my outlook on leather. Yes, saddle is a good color, oh MY poppy leather? OMG. It took 40 years, but I see the light now.

    Anyway - don't worry about it - you are unique, and whatever you choose that makes you happy is the deal, not what your friend(s) think. And another thing - while she might think they 'all look alike' - she doesn't know what she's really looking at, now does she?:supacool:
  8. Showing friends your handbag collection is akin to allowing them to see your entire wardrobe of clothing.

    Once time my daughter, who is 20, took me into my closet and showed me things I should NOT wear, 'old lady clothes' she said. And trust me, out they went the very next day.

    She was right. We do not see ourselves as others might, we focus on one aspect and not the overall appearance. She showed me that dressing simplier, in a dark wash jeans skirt and cool peasant blouse or simple Old Navy tshirt in a beautiful color was better for me, less aging.

    I still buy what I like in clothes and handbags but try to look at the overall image, not just the cool buckle on the side of the bag.

    Our handbags DO say alot about us but are not all we have to offer the world. We have our outward appearance, our voices, our personalities and our actions. Those are the most important things over the long run.

    So if you like the bags and how they look on you, keep 'em. Also listen to outside opinions to get an objective view, it can spruce up our style and help us see ourselves in a different light, that of those around us.

    Lexie, you shine brightly no matter the bag.
  9. I agree that it is like letting someone see and opine on your entire wardrobe...when in reality, you only wear one outfit at a time.

  10. I would never show anyone my whole collection unless they were a handbag lover like me. Because you are opening up something to someone that is personal, and they don't "get it." In reality, you only wear one outfit at a time, or carry one handbag at a time.

    I don't think it is necessarily "bad" that your handbags all look alike. Isn't that what people do -- figure out our look, and then build a wardrobe from there? Our wardrobes have "looks" -- they are not a mishmosh of everything, just so that we can say we have a variety of stuff. No, we DO have a point of view.

    I also don't care what people say or think about my collection. I don't show all my jewelry to someone. I don't show my pots and pans to someone. Only unless they too are collectors or afficionados.

    I think you are treading in dangerous territory here.
  11. I don't think you need to reassess your bags or change your personality. If those are the bags you like then you've done well geting them. Maybe that friend of yours just doesn't know you as well as you thought she did, or maybe your personality has evolved with your love of handbags...
  12. Lexie, I think we tend to drift to a style that we like and that works for us. And I don't think there's any reason not to do that. I've been working on a wardrobe of bags that will last me a few years and I also find myself going back to the same style. But every bag I have serves a different purpose.
  13. But everyone has a certain style that works best for them, so it is only natural for some bags to look similar. I try to keep mine mixed up and try to tell myself that I already have a perfectly good "____" bag (fill in the blank!), but sometimes I still end up with what others might consider duplicates.

    I've really tried to expand in color and have recently bought a teal bag, a white bag and a red bag. But certain styles are simply more convenient and I see myself turning to those more often. And, yes, when I go to look for another bag there will be style aspects that I MUST have, no matter how similar to other bags I own!
  14. I have bags that are black, brown and red -- in various shades -- and most of my bags are soft, slouchy leather with a similar outline.

    But then again, most of my clothes are black, white, brown, beige or red and share certain characteristics.

    Branching out into navy blue was a big step in suits, shoes and bags.

    That is my style, dull as it may be.
  15. Most of my friends are with me when I shop, so they have seen my bags.

    I think my bags reflect my personality in someway.