do you see this beauty???

  1. name is ultimate travel bag. I am not sure but I think it is a special order or something...
    the other one is passport cover....:heart::nuts::drool:
    bavull.jpg Ultimate%2BTravel%2BBag2.jpg vuitton-passport-ho_251535a.jpg
  2. Love that!
  3. i rem vaguely reading somewhere this was up for a charity auction. sometime ago.

    hee. its gorgeous i admit. the stuff that comes with!:drool:
  4. it was a charity auction there is only 1 you get everything inside but the starting price was £10 000 ($20 000)
  5. Whatever happened to that auction, btw? What did the set sell for?
  6. i liek the passport it for sale indivually or with the special bag ?
  7. ^only with the bag :crybaby: .... Feel free to send me the rest of the stuff if you decide to ge it :graucho: :kiss:
  8. I wish they would make some small leather goods like that passport cover. I love the purple trim!
  9. Hello purple! Cool stuff.
  10. Wow!
  11. I remember reading an article about the writer (travel writer I think) who got to design it. I am going to go hunt for the article, it was pretty cool.
  12. damn thats nice
  13. Wow, that passport cover would be sweet!!!
  14. I'm loving the passport holder as well!
  15. I think if I owned that I would need to be traveling on a PJ (personal jet) to go with it!