Do you see a lot of paddington's where you live?

  1. I go to school downtown and I can't say I have ever seen one, weird eh? Maybe other people in Toronto can have a say too..

    Are Chloe paddington's still totally hip and popular in the city where you live?

    I am thinking of getting one still....perhaps in tan.
  2. Well I live in Ottawa, Canada which is a relatively small city. I own two paddies and I have seen a few around over the past year. Not many becuase most people in Ottawa who splurge on bags buy brands like LV, Gucci, Burberry....the obvious types.
  3. I don't think I've ever seen any here. I still love them though.
  4. I live in Tokyo and have a tan paddington. So far its the best thing I ever bought!!! I don't see them that often and have only seen a few in tan. I'd say paddys will always be hip. They weigh a lot though so I can't use it all the time. I started to get a sore back from carrrying it on my shoulder ever day!

    I was home in Edinburgh at Xmas and there are far too many fakes. Its painful to see.
  5. I live in NY and have only seen them in the displays!!
  6. I'm in San Francisco and have 3 paddies but I've only seen one out once - 2 weeks ago I saw a girl with a patent paddy and I was shocked since I never see them.
  7. I am in southern california, and only have seen 3 paddies?? Anything Chloe is rare. Tons of LV, Gucci and Coach though.
  8. I am in Missouri and all you see around here is Coach, Dooney & Burke, or Walmart bags. I have never seen another person besides myself with a Chloe. There are also tons of fake Coach & LV around too.
  9. Chloe really is rare. I've seen one tan paddy back at home at Ala Moana Shopping Center, and here in Texas I've seen none...only once I saw a probably high-schooler with a a white "pochette" with a Chloe imprint on it - positive FAKE! >=/
  10. I live in New Hampshire, USA. I've seen a FAKE Paddy here and there. The flea markets around here just started having these HUGE markets of fake bags... so I've seen an influx of all kinds of fakes around here, Chloe, LV, Coach, Burberry... it's annoying.

    Only once did I see an authentic Paddy. It was actually in a Target in Bedford, NH. The woman had it in her cart... I couldn't stop looking at it... that was a little before I had my own Paddy.
  11. I have seen a Chloe paddington a couple of times, but more often I see the Chloe Ediths...
  12. I do see them here and there. I see alot of fakes too!
  13. I havent seen any around where I am, I like it like that. It makes my bags more unique than bags like LV (which I see EVERYWHERE mostly fake) I have only ever seen 2 paddys in my area both fake and one was SO bad its like those who cloned it didnt even try.
  14. I have only seen two fakes here. :tdown:
  15. Here in sydney - don't see much of authentic anything. There is a huge population of fakes here. Was in line behind a girl at the shoe repair about a month ago PAYING MONEY TO FIX A FAKE PADDINGTON !!! Poor thing - don't think she realised.

    No, I've seen one real edith while on vacation a year ago - never witnessed a paddington out in public... But I think that's a good thing right - means not everybody else has one :smile: