Do you see a lot of one particular bag in your area?

  1. In my town you can't go out without seeing at least a half dozen women carrying either a LV or a Coach bag. For some reason those are the most popular around here. High schoolers and college-age girls all seem to have a Coach. I'm sure some are fakes, but even if they're all genuine they're just everywhere!

    I like Coach, I have a leather bucket tote. But the fact that so MANY women here have the signature bags has put me off getting one, even though I like them.

    I really prefer carrying a bag that I'm not going to see on someone else every time I leave the house.

    What's it like where you live?
  2. Here in London, it seems to be a Mulberry Roxanne every corner I turn...
  3. I'm in London, so it's an eclectic mix and depends where I am, but I see loads of Paddingtons in central London haunts, a smattering of LV monogram in my home area and a load of edgy, interesting stuff when I head East.
  4. Longchamp Pliage bags, Vanessa Bruno totes, and Gerard Darel bags are ubiquitous here (in the south of France).
  5. Coach, Coach, and Coach!
  6. Not really. I don't live in an area that is very close to many designer shops. I see mainly fake leather / plastic bags in ugly shapes and colors :yucky:
  7. In Michigan, it seems I see ALOT of LV bags and a good helping of Gucci, some Coach. I have only seen 1 Legacy bag the whole time I've been here.

    When I was on vacation in FL, there were Coach bags EVERYWHERE... Airports, Disney World, Malls there, Downtown Disney, etc. It was almost overwhelming, you couldn't go anywhere w/o being bombarded with them. It had an interesting effect, on one hand I was happy that I had a different bag that no one else was sporting (I didn't bring any Coachs with me, only 1 bbag) - but on the other hand, I kept seeing them everywhere, and would occasionally wish I had one with me, just because I kept seeing them!!

    :shrugs: Wierd, I know.
  8. In Edmonton, I see a lot of LV speedys, Coach.
  9. Mostly LV and coach around here!
  10. LV (Speedy's mostly) and Coach, Coach, Coach.
  11. Up here in the boonies it's mostly Coach and fake LV.
  12. TONS of coach and lots of LV's as well.
  13. Tons and Tons of Fake Coach LV and Kate Spades , and I see some real Coach and LV and Kate Spade but most are fake and really bad fakes too , In the last month I have been invited to 4 fake purse parties , I told them nicely that my real Coachs don't like to mingle with fakes , it makes my purses feel bad:rolleyes:
  14. In my area I don't see any designer bags around. I do see teen girls with fake LV's when I go to the nearest big town :sad:
  15. Coach and Dooney here in Philly. Also fake Chanel. :yucky: