Do You See a Difference Between These 2 Bags??

  1. I posted yesterday about the Gray bag which I saw at Nordstroms and added to my "wanted" list. I looked at the MJ site today to get a better idea of what other colors it might come in (I saw Raspberry & Black, MJ shows it in Tangarine). I came across a pic of The Party - it looks like the same exact bag, they're even the same size!!! The only difference is the strap, which to me, just looks like it's pulled up on the Gray and left down on The Party - Do you guys see any differences between these two bags??

  2. something with the strap I think...
  3. OMG, this reminds of of that game where you have to pick out the differences in the pictures. The strap looks exactly the same, WTF? Someone clue me in too...:confused1:
  4. Hmmm...looks the same to me (even the dimensions listed look identical)...except the Party has a single strap while the Gray doubled it up...
  5. The only difference that I can see in the two bags, is the strap; one is longer than the other. Hmmm, someone might be able to shine some light on the difference. Nice bags nevertheless!
  6. It looks like the same strap though, I agree with Iluvmybags, looks like it's just a matter of pulling up one of the straps.
  7. You ladies are right...looks like you can also use the gray as a single strap or the party as a double strap...:confused1:
  8. So weird?? Do you think it was some type of error online?
  9. LOL! It looks the same. Maybe it's a ploy to get us to want two different bags....:nuts:
  10. Thanks Abby! Okay, that clears that up, but is it just me or the only difference are the inside compartments? That's odd. Although, I guess it's nice to choose which compartment style is best for you :confused1:
  11. OT (sort of) but that raspberry color is TDF
  12. oh how strange. yeah the only diff is the straps but it seems like both of them should be able to be extended and doubled.

    oo the raspberry is so pretty. that was kinda silly of them to make the same bag with different insides.
  13. :lol::lol::lol:
    I love that game!!! I play it every week in People and OK mags!!!

    OK - seriously!!
    According to ShopTwigs, the Party is only $395!!! The Gray is $895 (which is the same price at Nordies I was wrong at 850) - so you're paying almost 2x as much for 2 more sections??? Obviously the Gray has to be wider than the Party, but it wasn't that thick. That's what I luved about this bag - it's so lightweight and almost compact, but looked like it could hold a lot. The shoulder strap can definitely be doubled up - in fact, the Raspberry on display was singled so it was long enough to carry cross-body (I didn't like that), but the black had it's strap doubled up for a shorter drop (THAT I luved!).

    I think these are great bags and at 395 and 895, they're probably going to be the first to sell out!! I know I was thinking about getting one BEFORE markdowns. I don't think they're going to still be around - What do you guys think?

    Also, the Raspberry is a little more Pink that it looks in those pics. It almost looks Red in the ShopTwigs pics, but IRL its got more Pink-ish tones to it.

  14. only $395?? :nuts: I might have to jump that one asap