Do you scotchgard your monogram wallet?

  1. Bought a monogram wallet w/ platino trim for my mom since she said she needs a bigger wallet. Wondering if it is better to scotchgard it before using? I do want it to last a couple of years, since I just got her a small Guccissima wallet a couple months ago! I'm broke :sweatdrop:
  2. Or should I tell her not to go shopping so the wallet will retain its mint condition? LOL!
  3. honestly i dont know...ive thought about scotch gaurding my pieces and have heard some people do it...but im scared itll make the canvas stiffer!! i love how softy it is now!!!
  4. I asked my SA and he said using protectant might change the fabric texture and would not recommend it. Hmmm... maybe I shoud stick w/ leather wallets.