Do You Scotchgard Your Lesportsac bags??

  1. Just got the Panda medium Tribeca tote and was wondering if anyone scotchgard their Lesportsac bags???
  2. I scotchguarded my Spiaggia it on some thread and thought it was good advice. :tup: Be careful with the leather straps and loops though f there are any since it will harm the leather. After airing overnight, the material didn't smell and the material felt the same.
  3. No. I never do anything to protect my bags. When they get dirty (usually the corners on the bottom), I just spot clean them. I am thinking of trying steam clean (got one of those Steam Buggy thing). Have anyone try it before?

    How much bigger is a medium Tribeca tote compared to a tribeca? 1/3? I want to get one but never see that style in the store so hard to decide. Thanks.
  4. i did with a couple of pieces...i try to avoid the metal and leather bits too
  5. I've Scotch Guarded every single one of my tokidoki bags and denaros. The only one I got a problem with is my Tutti MM where the top LeSportsac black ribbon bled onto the white nylon - but the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser got it completely off.
  6. i did when i got my first bag cuz i was spazzing and over excited, but now i just dont care lol. my bags are all clean because i dont throw them in dirty places, and if somehow they do get dirty -> tide pen and magic eraser :smile:
  7. Nope. I bought Scotchgard, but haven't used it yet.
  8. Nope, no plans to scotchgard. The material is already easy to clean and maintain, another reason they're great!
  9. scotchguard my bianco n tutti
  10. I only scotchguard bags I travel with. Truthfully, none of my bags ever get dirty enough to really warrant the scotchguarding, I think. I do it on my travel bags just as a precaution since I am carrying them on/off a plane and storing under seat or in overhead compartment.
  11. My denaros keep getting lipstick on them (from knocking around in my purse--one of my lipsticks has a tendency to leak slightly, but that's all it takes). Nothing is getting the stain out, Tide pen and Magic Eraser included. What to do, Toki Stain Experts?
  12. I bought Scotchguard and Magic Erasers, I still need to use them on my Tokis. As for my regular LSS bags, I don't scotchguard them because I barely use them.