Do you scarf?

  1. you add a scarf to your bags?
    What kinds of scarfs do you buy?
    What bags do you add them too?

    So far I have 2 scarfs...a Gucci and a Hermes. I have the gucci on my speedy, and I'm debating about whether a scarf would look good on a BV.

    I think Hermes scarfs are my next addiction:love:
  2. Not personally but LOVE the way it looks on other people's bags. I feel that I can never get it right on my own bags!:nuts:
  3. ^^ Same here. Plus I'm afraid it would fall off or get dirty.
  4. No, I don't. I sometimes like the way it looks... but I'd prefer the bag alone :yes:
  5. My mom collects them and wears them..never really puts them on any bags and neither do I.
    I do have a couple Chanel heart ones and the fuchsia perfo bandana that I wear around my waist.
    Here are my two:
  6. I only have the Denim scarf and the bacl MC Bandeau.
    I tied it only once. I am not use to it.
    Also, like the others, I rather see it on other people.

    I wore my denim scarf on my hair for the first time this past Saturday.
    I felt weird...LOL....I am just not cool like that...hahahahha.
  7. LOl joJo!
    When I went into Hermes to buy my last scarf I had the gucci on my speedy...and the wonderful SA actually taught me the proper way to tie the scarf to my bag LOL
  8. I love the pink one!

  9. ^^ Ditto! It's lovely!
  10. So, what is the proper way exactly to tie it on?
  11. Well..the Hermes guy first rolled it and then tied in a regular knot. He told me to be careful of which color is showing (i.e. I have a brown gucci scarf with white accents...and he said I needed more white showing to add color).
    He made it look really simple...but I haven't attempted it myself!
  12. thanks for sharing twiggers! I think I might want to get an LV scarf soon...lvbabydoll, I love your scarves!
  13. thanks twiggers, do you have a pic?
  14. I find it difficult to add a scarf to my bags too. But they always look good on coach bags
  15. I collect Hermes scarves and Twillys and always tie them on my Speedy and Saleya. :flowers: