Do you save your MJ boxes?

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  1. I was wondering if you girls saved your MJ boxes? I have about three sitting around and they are quite bulky, so I am thinking of tossing them. I always put my MJ bags in their protective dust bag, but am thinking while they would be safer in a box, there is no extra room for them. Thoughts please?

  2. :yes: I keep everything, including the boxes...not because I intend to ever sell them, but just becuase I like my bags to have all their original accompanying materials. I'm an avid collector of other things (in addition to MJs), though, so I tend to to be rather hoardish... :P
  3. I recently got two Stam bags :ninja: and I thought about keeping both boxes but in the end I decided to toss them. I don't need the clutter.
  4. Hey Jen,

    I keep mine. =) I only have 1 MJ box though -- my black Ursula Elise from NM online. My other MJ bags (from Nordstrom, Bloomies,, etc) only came with dustbags.

  5. I didn't get a box with mine when I bought the Mia at Neiman's.
  6. Not sure if boxes are given out to in-store clients who ask for them only. I don't always get boxes from online order. When I ordered Blush & Black Elise from NM online, both came in its own box. Blush Elise wasn't perfect so I exchanged it for another one, NM online sent the 2nd Blush Elise in its dustbag only. Had to return it again since it had problem too.
  7. I think the only time I got a box was when I bought something from the MJ store. No boxes anywhere else.
  8. I never got a box, I've purchased from Saks and from the MJ store
  9. I never get a box and I buy from the Marc Jacobs store.
  10. I never got a box either (Bloomies and MJ store) just the dust bag. What does the box look like? Cardboard or something more substantial?
  11. I only got a box once. It's a white box with "Marc Jacobs" on it. Nothing special. I kept it anyway because I'm a dork like that.