Do you save all your boxes?

  1. I am waist deep in stuff from my closet and armoire...trying sort and make my favorites easier to get to in to the armoire than buried in the closet....and I am realizing there is no way to save all the boxes!

    It's hard enough to decide what bags to fit in the 'premium' real estate, let alone boxes.

    What does eveyone else do?
  2. I toss my boxes in the garbage. However, I did keep one hard box that my bucket came in. It's a hard box so I couldn't easily recycle it!!!:lol:
  3. try selling them on eBay. i think people buy them all the time off there!
  4. LOL...for asking for advice, I sure am picky!

    Ack! I can't do's so exciting to get that special brown box, I don't think I can just dump it! lol...I know, I'm a freak.

    The small boxes and shoe boxes are sons love that they are little drawers and fight over them for their treasures.

    Too lazy, plus...I am afraid someone would buy them to try and help authenticate their fakes!
  5. i used to keep my boxes, but then they started piling up so much that in the end i got fed up and sold them. now i only have one left which i use to store all my pochettes, clutches and small bags.
  6. I will not part with my lovely brown boxes- No Way!!
  7. I love my boxes....I actually bought a ton off eBay to stock up for future purchases off eBay that don't come with boxes. It helps me if god forbid one of my cats got into the closet the bags would be protected.
  8. I toss them because you are not even supposed to keep your bags in there. Seriously, if you do, the canvas will crack or it will smell musty.
  9. I throw them away too. I never thought about selling them. Hmm.. I should do that next time
  10. I use the really big boxes for storage and the little ones I use to keep my bags in when I am not using them.
  11. I save all of my Louis Vuitton boxes. I either use them as storage for the bags or other things, or if I have lots of extras I sell them on eBay!
  12. Well I only have a small collection so far so I keep my boxes. DH cleaned out the top shelves of the wardrobe in the spare room so all my boxes could sit there safely.And then he bought a tiny step so I could reach.:lol:
  13. How much do they usually go for on ebay?
  14. Since I only have a few items in my collection, I have kept my boxes.
  15. I lost the box that my Abbesses came in... *sigh*

    But I do however still keep the rest of my boxes... Just looking at them just makes me feel all tingly inside and I think to myself "There's something special inside that box..." ;) Tee hee he.