Do You Ride A Bike ?

  1. Riding my bike is one of my favourite forms of exercise, I love to ride in the park along the river in my neighborhood.

    Do you ride a bike ?
  2. Not yet but that is my goal for this summer. I hope I can still remember how.
  3. Absolutely! Every day and lots of miles!
  4. My husband and I used to love riding our mountain bikes. They close the Bronx River Parkway on Sundays in the summer and everybody rides bikes or rollerblades. It's a lot of fun. However, since we both starting riding our motorcycles we haven't taken the bikes out.
  5. YES! I used to compete in road and track cycling, but now it's just for fun and exercise. I mostly ride my mountain bike now.
  6. I absolutely detest riding a bike...With a passion, in fact. Probably has to do with how people literally drive the bikers off the road. I do want to get into mountain biking or trail biking...
  7. I was just discussing this very issue today! I WANT to start bike riding again...but am not sure if my bikes are in good condition. They've been sitting in my parents' garage for over a decade...
  8. I do! My mom and I go all the time when I visit her in the Netherlands, so much beautiful scenery there (beautiful to me) with all the sheep and horses that wre by the old really pretty bike trails. Now that I'm in Memphis I haven't ridden once. I borrowed my husbands mom's bike and have yet t o use it. Perhaps this weekend. :smile:
  9. I love to bike! I have a great beach cruiser and since I live 3 blocks from the beach, I can easily ride to the bike path that goes along the shore. It's heaven!
  10. no bike.. sometimes a treadmill, but i prefer the track. or tae bo and pilates :smile:
  11. Bike riding is SUCH great (and fun!) exercise!! I used to ride all of the time when we lived in the country. Now that we're in the city, I don't ride at all. :sad2: I miss it.
  12. Yeah, I ride my stationary bike in my living room as form of exercise..
  13. I bike whenever I can, I even bike to work and back every chance I get. It's so peaceful to bike to campus early in the morning, I love it!
  14. I ride exercise bikes...but I don't know how to ride a real bike :shame::lol:
  15. If it is stationary yes. Outside, I haven't had a bike in years. Most drivers around here with run you over without a second thought!