Do you respond to cards that SA's send you?

  1. So far I've only bought one bag... (I have a big LV I am starting to love Chanel..)

    ..but this fabulous SA here at the Chanel boutique sends me these great cards that she hand writes herself. They are just cards stating that she hopes I am enjoying my bag...etc. She sent another card letting me know that a bag I inquired about hasn't come in. She now just sent another handwritten card inviting me to their Trunk Show.

    I really like the fact that she has taken the time to write me so many times...and I feel like I should respond. I am going to buy more bags.. but I just haven't found the time lately.

    Do I send her something?
  2. I'd just give her a call and tell her exactly that (and whether or not you'll see her at the trunk show)- how much you appreciate her hand written notes.
  3. ^ ITA (again!!) and I think alike!! I would DEF give her a call....She sounds like she is very thoughtful and you want an SA like that...Trust me!!! You don't want her to think you're not appreciating her just give her a quick call to say thanx....You don't want her to forget about WILL need her for your next purchase!!!
  4. I agree! Give her a call and let her know how much you appreciate her thoughtful cards!
  5. Thanks! I will call her for sure! I do have quite a few purchases to make.. just my schedule is awful at the moment! My free time is usually when all the stores are closed!

    Thanks again!
  6. She's such a sweet SA! I wish all SA's are like that!
  7. Me too, today I got a card from my SA. HMmm, is there possibility to get a VIP gift next time? Hahahaha... like LV, I mean :p.
  8. How sweet..yep, go w/ everyone else's advice. I love SA's like that...wish there were more like that.
  9. It is so nice when you find a great SA
  10. Wow! Yeah I get calls from my SA at Chanel, but no cards.

    I was actually really surprised when I got a hand-written note on a LV card from my SA at Louis Vuitton. All I bought was an inclusion bracelet ($250). I'm surprised they even bothered to send me anything since it wasn't a major purchase.