Do you report the item to Ebay when you see a Fake?

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  1. Would you? Have you?

    Sometimes I feel I am obligated to, since I do not want others to buy a fake...
  2. I don't perhaps mostly because I don't use ebay to buy things but I do go watch what people sell there.. so I don't report.
    And second thing is why I don't also, is because there will always be fakes no matter how many times you report :rolleyes:

    Maybe I just give up too easily on this one but it's great if there's still people who report everytime they see fakes! :tup:
  3. yes i have reported, i gave up because e bay do not take them down.
  4. what about when others post up pictures of their latest purchases on the forums and you know they've got a fake?

    How would you let them know?
  5. well, this happened to me with my 'genuine Dior gaucho bag' that i purchased off e bay. I was so happy I bagged a 'bargain' £74 BIN price for a used one. When i got it, all looked good and the inside lable looked good, i was so pleased I posted it in the Dior forum and the ladies there soon told me it was fake and what was wrong. I was very appreciative, i contacted the seller and got most of my money back, if i did not post it, i would have been none the wiser and been carrying around a fake bag.