Do you report the fakes on Ebay or let it go?

  1. I admit, I've reported some thru eBay but what makes me mad is NOTHING was ever done. I gave them plenty of time (2-3 days left on the auction) but the price kept going higher and higher until there was a winner.

    I mean these were OBVIOUS fakes too so it wouldn't have taken a rocket scientist to figure it out.

    It makes me SOOOO mad that people get away with it and I feel bad for the buyers when they spend all that money on a fake and may never know they got taken.
  2. Post what you find in the "worst fakes" thread above. A lot of people will see it and report it. Several auctions suddenly "disappear" as a result!
  3. I report them all the time and I usually report them more than once if eBay isn't on the stick.
  4. It makes me mad that unsuspecting people are paying their hard earned money for something that they believe to be authentic - but is fake.
    On the other hand -- buyer beware - maybe some of these bidders should do some investgation to determine whether or not the bag they are purchasing is real or fake.
    Either way.. I report ALL fake's I find..
  5. I'm a little wary of reporting only because I'm such a newbie still. I only do it when I am super SURE that it's a fake so it has to be a really obvious. Because sometimes I see one posted on the fakes thread which later turns out to be real and I would feel awful if I reported it wrongly. I know it doesn't happen much but it does happen.
  6. I just report them and have some of my other buddies report them too. I can understand if somebody is willing buying a fake from some cheapo mall stall but to defraud a genuine buyer is just wrong and repugnant.
  7. I've never reported a fake before. I guess I probably should but after joining this place and seeing how you gals are about fakes, I'm pretty sure SOMEONE will report it from here so I figure hey, no need to. ;)
  8. I report them, hopefully can save some buyer alot of money in the process
  9. I don't bother reporting. If other people get suckered into bidding on a fake bag, so be it. If people are spending hundreds of dollars on handbags, I'd atleast hope they would research them a bit to protect themselves. There are SO many to report, I use to do it but now it's so hard to do them all.
  10. Most of the times I've reported, eBay eventually responds that there was nothing wrong with the listing (even when it's a BLATANT fake), so I don't bother anymore.
  11. It's so sad to see people spend all that money on obvious fakes. I definitely do the head-shake thing! :shrugs:

    I have reported some and will probably keep reporting them when I see them.
  12. I always report them. Even with experience, most of us have gotten at least 1 fake from an Ebay seller so I think it's worth my time to help others avoid that situation if possible.
  13. I'm in the same boat. I won't unless I am really really sure.
  14. I report fakes that I come across but I don't go out of my way to search eBay for fakes to report.
  15. I think people just need to be careful when reporting. Ok, if the bag listed is plastic looking and obviously fake then report away. There are some better looking knockoffs on Ebay which one should probably ask for others opinions before reporting.

    Ebay is trusting the community to properly report fakes, I'm sure having your authentic bag being pulled for being "fake" is awful and severely inconvienent.