Do you replace your wardrobe every season/year or just refresh it?

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  1. I clear out once a year the things that don't fit or are worn out, then replace them if I need to, but I have friends that replace their entire wardrobe every season to stay in the latest fashion - even my ex boyfriend changed his whole wardrobe every year!!!

    No, I'm not doing a poll, or a PHD in shopping habits (!) - I'm just interested..

    I look forward to your replies although I'm guessing that those of you that buy high street replace regularly, and those that wear designer wear hold onto the pieces for longer.

    I can't wait to hear your mum just adds to her ever increasing collection every season - which is overtaking the house, although my collection is growing quickly at the moment too lol:smile:
  2. Some things stay the same, but I tend to buy new things and then the following year or end of the season get rid of what I haven't worn. I really don't think it is about 'trends' for me. My tastes just change. And I've come to accept that as ok! Lol the only things that stay the same and I will constantly re-use are Hermes scarves, shoes, coats and purses. Those are my special things that I bought with the intention of having for a while, if not forever.

    I don't buy cheap clothes and I don't have a lot either. I just don't believe that clothing lasts forever. Fashion constantly evolves unless you buy the ultra classic pieces!
  3. Well said! The perfect wardrobe is certainly not a static thing. Lifestyle changes, new inspiration etc affect how we dress. Our wardrobe evolves with us although there are some constants.
  4. Such an interesting topic! In general, I classify what I buy into 2 broad categories: staples and soul-stirrers. The former consists of tees, cropped pants, cotton dresses, cardigans etc. that are part of my daily "uniform". They get worn very frequently and I replace them when it is worn out. The latter are more well-considered and lavish items and they usually have a sentimental element attached to it. These are enduring items which I hold close to my heart and not easily replaced.
  5. Lately I've been trying to add a few things each season instead of changing out a good chunk of my wardrobe...I'm not spending less, I'm just buying better quality. I've banned myself from shopping at Target, Old Navy and H&M for that reason... I have a few things in my closet that are 10+ years old--a classic Prada navy dress, a thick cashmere Ralph Lauren sweater--and while they were expensive, I love them now as much as I did when I bought them. My strategy has been to buy one item I really want full price (this season, a Liberty fabric-lined Barbour coat) and get everything else I like end-of-season on sale. I put away my sale finds until the next season rolls around, and it's like having new things at the start of the season!
  6. I never get rid of clothes just to stay in fashion.
    Sometimes an item is worn out, doesn't fit me anymore or isn't my style anymore. Only then will I get rid of it by donating it, selling it on ebay or giving it to family members if they would like to wear it.
  7. I just refresh when needed! I wear the same clothes for years until they're so worn out they need to be thrown away :smile:
  8. I don't have much space, or much money (grad student), so I usually try to get rid of at least one thing (donate, eBay or consignment shops) for every new thing I get. This technique has really helped me go from a college student wardrobe where I was buying a high volume of low quality things to where I am now buying less but better quality. Hopefully this strategy will help me buy things that I'll have for years to come, instead of just a couple of months. I agree with mjsmurf77, I am no longer allowed to shop at Old Navy, Target, etc! I can't even walk into those stores without justifying some purchase to myself. Its awful!
  9. I keep everything unless it wears out. My wardrobe is like a puzzle - everything is designed to fit together (sort of). If I am missing a piece, I go look for it. I have enough pieces now that I can restyle most of my outfits to fit closely enough with current trends.

    Now I am spending most of my wardrobe money on purses, because that is the collection that needed development.
  10. Refresh.. A lot of my things are classics
  11. Like others have, I have staples and then I have 'pieces'.

    I know know the shapes, colours and styles that suit my body shape, personality and the life I lead. There is absolutely no cause to discard more than a handful of staples every year to replace (sometimes I have to find a replacement before letting the old one go).

    I consider my carefully collected pieces as much as any bag, they are going nowhere without me if I can possibly help it :P
  12. I guess it depends what you value.

    I lean more towards a basic, classic wardrobe, with edgy twists. So I'll update the trendy pieces that went out of style with what's come into season each year, but keep the classics there.

    Like others here have said... keep the staples, refresh the pieces.
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    I definitely do not replace my wardrobe every season - I think that would be really wasteful. Over the last couple of years, I've been editing my closet so that I only have quality pieces that are staples for my style that I love...instead of a closet full of one hit wonders (though I have kept a few statement/unique pieces that I'd only wear once in a while).

    I've gotten to a point that I usually only need to buy a couple of pieces for the next season to integrate with what I already have. I've also developed(ing) and become(ing) more comfortable with my style so I don't get on every trend train that comes through – I have to love the piece first. If I go with a trend piece it’s usually a more subtle approach on the trend (that I love regardless of it being trendy) or in a form of an accessory. I’ll wear the pieces even if they are no longer “trendy” b/c they fit my style. Many times a trend will come through again and I'll already have pieces that fit (ex: military, menswear seem to come and go often).

    It’s difficult to have the restraint to not over shop (especially for a bargain hunter like me) but I find that if I think in terms of aspiration pieces it’s easier to do (ex: ”I’d rather save up for that Max Mara coat” or “I really need to buy a wool skirt first”).
  14. This is how I shop. I have staple items that I purchased years ago I still wear and still look great on me. I purchase a few trendy pieces here and there, but my wardrobe is mostly classic items that won't become dated quickly. I also buy items that are specific to my quirky tastes. Since they resonate so well with my personal style, they never go out of style.

  15. I agree with basic style stays the same - I just update the worn out pieces with up to date versions.
    I don't follow trends either, although silhouettes change or I discover a new store.
    My clothes last until they're worn - then they're replaced with new versions (basics= jeans, shirts, sweaters, coats and jackets).