Do you replace pieces that wear out immediately??

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  1. I wear out a few pieces during the year as I don't rotate very much but evert January I have a big clear out (clothing, undies, shoes,accessories etc) but I always have a long list of replacements for the new year so my. Wardrobe doesn't actually shrink!!!

    Some of you girls seem able to purge your wardrobe and let go, but I feel a need to replace my favourites that have seen better days - which I donate to charity, and my wardrobe never seems to shrink into what my best friend calls a "capsule wardrobe " - but don't be fooled, she used to work for Chanel and has much more than a thousand pieces herself and is a shopaholic!!!

    How do you reduce your wardrobe without replacing everything you let go of???
  2. I'm awful - I don't even wear out my clothes per se, I just donate the stuff I don't wear anymore and buy more stuff. I don't even really think about items in my wardrobe in terms of "replacements" because again, nothing really gets worn out. However, if I damage something or get a stain that can't be cleaned on an item I really like, I will be more likely to try and replace that exact item.
  3. yup i do - as soon as i get a hole in my fav jeans - im on a mission to replace them. same with black knee high and ankle boots or even blazers. shirts and dresses not so much because my taste changes over time regarding these items.
  4. It really depends on if the item is essential or not (like it goes with a lot of my other things). I will be on high lookout to replace it if this is true.

    Otherwise, not really. It'll be on my mental list, but I won't go on a mission hunt (which will either takes lots of time and/or be more expensive).

    Most of pieces don't wear out that much. I air dry my better clothing. If it's repairable, I will fix it.
  5. The only thing I've ever "worn out" would be white tops because of deodorant marks/yellow marks and I don't really strive to replace them, it just happens. If the piece is a classic, then I would replace it. I just don't wear my clothes enough to wear anything out.
  6. Usually I'll restock a plain white or black tee. I don't like the faded black look or dingy white with armpit stains for casual, everyday wear. When I replace them, the old ones get thrown out or sent to the pjs/workout pile.
  7. Yeah, this is me too. (are we surprised, jellybebe? haha) I refresh my wardrobe regularly and when I spot pieces that I just don't wear anymore, they get donated. The only items I "replace" if they get worn-out are undies, socks, and bras.
  8. Oxi Clean is genius for getting yellow stains out! I was recently able to salvage about 10 t-shirts that were in really embarrassing shape from the stains. It got the stains almost completely out. Another treatment (I made a thick paste and applied directly to the stains and let it sit for half a day) and they probably will come completely clean.
  9. Not surprised at all! :biggrin: I thought about this a little bit more and I guess that I am always on the lookout for new white and black tanks, since they are staples that go under everything for me and they tend to get old-looking fast. And somehow, probably due to laziness, I wear my PJs/nightgowns until they are threadbare.
  10. No, I don't wear each specific item of clothing enough for them to 'wear out' :amuse: the only thing I 'refresh' every so often is the white t-shirts when they start to look shabby.....

  11. You seem representative of lots of people - they just don't wear out their clothes!!!

    I wear my favourites to rags so every year I need to update my wardrobe to stay looking smart.
    My old shirts become pyjama tops but even they wear out eventually!!
  12. Today I stocked up in the sake with 3 jumpers to put in reserve so I won't panic when they wear out...
  13. I think that if a piece of clothing wears out, it means you have worn it to death and are probably sick of seeing it so why replace it?

  14. Because I like classic clothing and just vary the fabric/cut etc...

    My basic " uniform" remains the same because I don't work so my needs are pretty consistent although I spend nearly half of my income on clothes...:smile:
  15. That is pretty scary.