Do you remove your scarf care tags?

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  1. I am curious about this....:shrugs:

    I really want to take them off --- off of the mousselines, especially.

    What do you do about this?

    If I am not considering resale, etc, can I just take them off? I can be a scorpio-for-a-day and put them in little envelopes and label them, if that would be a good idea. But I hope that is not necessary.

    Your thoughts, please??:yes:
  2. Great Question CobaltBlu. I leave my care tags on but am tempted to take them off. I don't know if that effects the value or not.
  3. I leave them on, but have found they have just fallen off some of the older ones that I've owned for ages.
  4. If you have no intention to resell, them take them off. I like to keep them because the rollouteuse can be identified by the tag. Kinda like a sentimental thing for me.
  5. I was thinking of removing mine :biggrin: Great question CB!
  6. ditto.

    And I've noticed I've 3 scarves from the same rollouteuse.
  7. Pardon me, what's a rollouteuse? :shame:
  8. ^^^That's the hem-roller.
    This is a great Q, CB...I know lots of people who take em off...I just can't bear to! (unless the end I want to show consistently has the tag). I know it's silly, but I keep em on.

    Now, the big stoles I just got have a huge square tag in the middle, which is annoying...that may have to go. So if I ever take any off, they go in the scarf box for keeping.
  9. I'm very tempted to ask my SA when I next meet her, and see if she'll give me a funny look :P
  10. Thanks Katel. I keep them on too. Like Katel, I just can't bear to. :P
  11. I usually keep them on, although some of the vintage or other scarves I've gotten on consignment are missing their tags. Not a problem either way.
  12. I leave mine on all my silk scarves, however, with my one and only silk mousseline, a small losange, the tag is right under the 'logo' in the centre and I have to be careful when I'm wearing it with the logo showing to keep the tag tucked under - it often slips out during the day so I am checking it all the time. The sheerness and lightness of the chiffon does not really sit well with the tag and I am 'thinking' about removing, not sure If I could ever bring myself to doing the deed though...
  13. I leave them on but am very tempted to take them off.
  14. this always confused me. i have 2 scarves. one is from a US store and one is from the airport in madrid, bought a little over 6 months apart. both scarves have a "P" on the folded over tip of the caretag and i wonder, is it really possible that the same rollouteuse did both, or does the letter indicate something else? and if it does indicate a rollouteuse, it is possible that one letter represents more than one, in which case the caretags don't directly identify someone, but they do maybe narrow down the possibilities...:shrugs:
  15. My scarf care tags are all on and when I use scarves I feel forced to "hide" them and show other corners because the tags are there!