Do You Remove Your Rings @ Night ?

  1. I cannot sleep in Jewelry @ all. So i always remove my rings..... and of course any bracelets or necklaces to before going to bed.

    How about you ?
  2. I take off all rings and necklaces but leave my earrings on. If they're studs.
  3. I usually leave studs on and my anniversary band, but my engagement ring and other two bands come off every night....
  4. I take off everything my my studs as well.
  5. ^^you're good swanky, I'm too tired at night, once I get my skincare and grooming done I'm lucky I remember anything else LOL...
  6. I never take mine off...rings, bracelet, earrings...I sleep in all of them. Most of the time I forget I even have them on.
  7. I take off everything (jewelry-wise..) My grandmother used to tell me not to sleep with any kind of earrings on b/c it stretches the holes in your ears, and then you get that old-lady sag on your earlobe. Don't want that!
  8. Me, too. I can't even sleep with studs... I feel like the backings are poking me!

    I used to have a beautiful ring with pave-set diamonds that I wore 24/7... to bed, in the shower, etc. All that wear (probably especially the shower) resulted in two of the diamonds falling out! :push: I still haven't gotten them put back in. But now I take off all my jewelry before bed/showering.
  9. How can you ladies not take your rings and earrings off at night? :confused1: If I don't and I wash my face, it will probably be completely scarred from my wedding ring scratching it and also my hand would be bleeding from brushing against the earrings!
  10. I take everything off the second I come into the house! I have a 2mm super thin gold wedding band as my "alternate" band, and I'll leave that on when I don't have my e-ring and diamond band on, but otherwise I take EVERYTHING off. I like to be freeeeeeee!!! :lol:
  11. I wear my rings to bed but depending -- if my fingers are swollen, then they need to come off for the night. I cannot sleep with earrings in at all, that drives me batty!
  12. I don't take my diamond drop off because with acrylic nails I could never fasten the lobster claw clasp each day.
  13. Hmmm, well let's see. If I take my rings off at night, there's a pretty good chance I won't be able to get them back on in the morning, maybe not til after lunch:p . Usually I leave them on overnight, and they don't even move til I hit severe air conditioning. If I can get them off in the AM, I usually take them off before I shower. No need for extra soap crud in my sparklies. If I think of it, I give them a bath, while I bathe. Diamond drop necklace--sleep in it all the time--last time I took it off it took HOURS to untangle. Studs, I start out leaving them in, but on any given morning I find one or both on the night table. Apparently they offended me during my sleep. If I'm wearing a shower cap I leave the studs in while I bathe, if it's hair washing day, they take a bath with my rings.:smile:

  14. I never take my jewelry off. The only time I take my wedding/e-ring off is when I put lotion on my hands.
  15. I always take my rings off at night or when going to the gym, showering etc.

    Hate to think about all the bacteria that get caught in jewelry, so I also clean it regularly.