do you remove the tag on a scarf?

  1. Hello

    I wonder what to do with the big tag that is sewed on the scraf. The one on wich you can read the fabric etc

    Do you leave it on the scarf or remove it?

    I don't manage to keep it hidden when I wear the scarf and I don't really like it when it just hangs there. SWIM?
  2. I leave it on as proof of authenticity. I just wear the scarf to try to ensure that the tag is concealed.
  3. No, I keep mine on.
  4. I just bought a scarf today and thought the care label was way too big so carefully snipped it off, just leaving the more discreet Burberry label. I will keep it and if need be I can stitch it on again. Though really, I can't ever see the need to re-attach it. I wont be on-selling it as I can tell I will wear it for a very long time :smile:
  5. Thank you

    I guess I Will live it on as I don't manage to see if it is sewed with an extra thread or directly with the scarf
  6. I cut mine off from most of my scarfs, the big tags really bug me. I just leave the smaller tag that says Burberry. I guess it just comes down to personal preference.
  7. I don't have a Burberry scarf, but I hate tags ugh. I would probably take it off. I hate tags on anythings, clothes, scarfs, whatever, it's so annoying and it frustrates me :')
  8. I have the crinkle scarf so I used very fine thread and sewed the hanging part onto the scarf. So it's there, but not flapping around when I wear it.

    I got the children's scarf for my cousin, and I looped the tag and sewed the end on itself close to where it's sewn in on the scarf. That way she knows its dry clean only, and that it's out of the way.

    It doesn't take that much thread and it's barely noticeable if done right.
  9. I usually tear off the large tag because it just looks tacky, especially on the silk crinkly scarfs. Some times I leave the smaller one that says Burberry, but I don't necessarily need it to be there. Along as I know my scarf is authentic, that's all that matters. It seems that based on the way the tags are sown on that they are meant to be taken off anyways.
  10. I keep the tag on. On my cashmere Burberry scarves, it isn't obvious, but on my crinkle one, it always shows so I safety pin it up so it's flat and doesn't hang down. Safety pinning it has worked so far. I just like to keep the tag on for authenticity in case I ever decide to sell it.
  11. I only leave the one with burberry on, I remove the other tags because they stick out.
  12. I only leave the Burberry tag on it, the made/care tag I always remove.