Do you remove the LP leather tag?

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  1. I just got my Alex zipper tote (my first LP!) and was wondering if most of you remove the rectangular leather 'tag' with LP logo? I really don't see the point of keeping it attached ......any thoughts?
  2. I never keep the tag on. It is really a swatch for you to test out different leather care and spray treatments.

  3. Ah....OK, makes sense, thanks
  4. ooooo i never understand what is it for thanks for pointing it out!
  5. Yep, I have used it as a 'test swatch' and I always remove it before carrying.

  6. i did see a lady the other day at the mall that had her tag still on her bag .... i thought it kinda looked silly .... ;)
  7. You saw an LP in real life? What kind was it? I have seen three, one in Dallas and the other two in San Diego. I saw a large Sydney bag in silver in Dallas and the medium tote and I think the other was a shoulder bag in San Diego.
  8. i always take it off.

    p.s. doesn't the alex zip tote kick ass? i'm wearing mine today :smile:
  9. We need to make a "LP - Sightings in the wild" thread. Unfortunately, there probably wouldn't be a whole lot to list. I have yet to see any.
  10. Me either, it would make my day to see one! I don't live in an area where designer bags are common.

  11. Designer bags are fairly common here, but I never see LP...
  12. i'm here in the OC and i saw a black speedy dylan at south coast plaza ... south coast is a HUGE high end shopping center full of stores like escada, bottega veneta, cartier, gucci, jimmy choo, you name it .... i thought i saw the large folding dylan that day in black as well but i couldn't get close enough ... i think i remember seeing one other LP some time ago, but i dont' remember which style it was .....