Do you remember your very FIRST???

  1. Hermes purchase that is...;) What was it? Do you still have it?

    I remember my very first purchase was an orange bolduc twilly and yes, I still have it and I remember how happy I was to walk out of Hermes with my first tiny, little orange bag. :heart: :smile:
  2. My first was a white/rose Brides de Gala scarf that I bought onboard a plane to DC. I felt like a Queen wearing it - and still do!
  3. You all know this black box kelly with gold hw

    Am I a broken record or what???
  4. OH YES, it was my first watch ever from H. a dualtime cape cod with orange strap. DH got it for me as an anniversary gift years ago. after that, i've never stopped coming by the store just to browse around and eventually grew a massive H bag collection that i adore!
  5. My first was a white Clic-Clac Bracelet, and I still have it! I too, was so excited to finally walk out of that store with a tiny Orange box - lol!!!
  6. OT but that is my dream Kelly:heart: . I love the classics... Oh, and what a way to start things off!!!:yes:
  7. Mine was the Cat keychain, which I love. Since then I have purchased several scarves and pocket squares, an Orange Dogon Wallet, a Snowman Keychain, an Agenda, and I just bought a Cyclamen Agenda on Lux-Zurich.

    No bags yet, but I am trying to fix that today!
  8. Enamel bracelet five yearss ago :yes: I wear it all the time!
  9. Oh Donna!! How exciting!!! Pls share w/ us when you get her!!!! My very first H purchase is my beloved 32 cm Havane swift Kelly w/GH. DH bought it on a whim for me the very first time we had even stepped into an H store!!! It's been a wild ride ever since!!!
  10. Fun question, A! My first was an orange clemence Picotin PM. I still wear it and love it!
  11. mine was a karo gm in violet chevre!
  12. Rouge H croc birkin 35cm with PH my DH bought for my Christmas present last year! (my first 2, which I sold several years ago when I got addicted to LV, were gifts from my mother and grandfather. I feel like an idiot for selling them to buy LV.) The Rouge H croc was the start of a new, rekindled love of H.
  13. my swift kelly 35 PH..
  14. 28cm sellier Kelly in gold peau porc with gold hardware. Still in love with her.
  15. My first was the Greyhounds scarf by Poret. Still have it..still love it.

    Got it after the SAs piled scarf upon scarf around my neck as if they were leis...Wonderful experience.