Do You Remember Your First Time ??

  1. Do you remember the first time you spotted your first designer bag ?

    Which bag was it ? Where was it ?

    What did you think I meant !!!!! :P
  2. the first designer bag i saw in person was a mono noe one of the wealthy "society" women in our teensy tiny town. i wasn't very impressed with it at the time. in fact, i kind of thought it was ugly. :smile:

    and suprisingly, i actually thought you were going to ask this very question! :smile: weird.
  3. I was a teenager and remember my cousin who is 10 years older than me, coming over to my house with her Louis Vuitton Speedy. I knew it was a designer bag, I wasn't sure which one. Then she told me and I thought to myself, there we go......that's what I want, Louis Vuitton! And worked toward that ever since!!!!
  4. I really remember when the first time I saw a designer purse was. I think they just seeped into my consciousness. I do remember people carrying Prada bags in high school (quite popular at the time), but I was never impressed nor jealous. It was college when I started acquiring designer goods. (Well, I may have received a designer purse or two before then ... but strangely I don't remember.)
  5. I was really drunk and had this total crush on this one guy, so after the party we went....oh, um, wait a minute....

    LOL!! I was wondering about the tastefullness of this thread, but the first designer bags I clearly remember seeing were in airports. I remember first being able to recognize the various signatures and spotting lv's and gucci's, mainly.

  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: ^^ good one MandM! hehehe!

    i think it was LV... wasnt too sure what all the fuss was about over a brown bag... but then years later i realised it was LV! :lol:
  8. ^^^ LOL! Too funny! I actually thought that was what this thread was about at first! he he he!

    I think the first designer bag was either Gucci or a LV. Can't remember, but know that these two designers started me down this path long ago.
  9. I was at the Somerset Collection in Troy, MI in the early 90s and I spotted a royal blue LV. If not mistaken it was an Epi collection. I was carrying Coach at the time and I just liked the fact the bag was blue. The price was around 6-800 and I remember my Mom telling me if I got it, that would be my only Christmas present and I passed. Was epi even out back then??? I said I was gonna get one, just to complete my childhood dream. I was around 13-14.
  10. HELLO! Somerset is my home away from home! LOL! :roflmfao:
  11. Several years ago my girlfriend brought back a Burberry and an LV MC white speedy from Hong Kong (she bought them at legit store though, so not knockoffs....I think the Burberry was at duty free shop in Heathrow). I say the LV and said "I want one" well lo and behold first LV didn't end up being a speedy (too big in person for me), but got a MC Lodge instead :smile:
  12. The first time I spot a designer bag was a few years ago and it was a Burberry Nova Check purse, I thought it was so pretty. I have since amassed a decent Burberry collection.

    I really must get my head out of the gutter, hihihi. :roflmfao:
  13. The Women In My Family Are As Designer Bag Crazy As Me (If Not More!)...LV, Gucci, Chanel (& More!) I Always Saw.....I Couldn't Tell You An Exact Time (As Long As I Remember)......
  14. I'm not exactly sure actually. Its kind of funny now that I think about it because back in high school I didnt even know what designer bags were O_o I was clueless and like helenNZ said, I didnt understand all the fuss (until now), lol.

    Hm, lets see though. Back in high school I saw some girls with LV (thought they were hideous), my friend's BF got her a D&B and when she proudly announced the fact to me I just stared at her because I didnt understand why she expected me to be impressed (I'd never heard of D&B before), and I saw one or two COACH bags roaming the halls. I used to think those were the epitome of luxury and thought spending "that much" on a purse was just out of the question forever, lol.
  15. I think I learned about designer bags from my aunts and grandmother. When I was really little they all had Aigner bags (as did my mom), then Coach bags (mom skipped the Coach phase, I bought her one a few years back to make up for it!), then Dooneys (my mom had a Dooney too), now a variety (Dooneys, Guccis, etc). But the first time I remember really noticing high end designer bags was when I went to Hawaii and saw my first LV store on Maui. At the time I was SHOCKED at the prices and made a beeline to Coach, but I did wander through later and look around a bit. If only I had known, I could have snagged a Speedy and called it a souvenir!