Do you remember your first bags as a kid?

  1. Do you remember having a bag compulsion at an early age? I do. I remember having a Strawberry Shortcake lunch box. I could read very early and I remember reading some type of warning on the inside of it again and again till I had it memorized. I remember a blue book bag I had. I believe Holly Hobby was on it. I can still remember how it felt in my hands. How it smelt.

    Recalling this makes me realize where my bag addiction might have began. These bags always intrigued me. So pretty and new. I always got new stuff at the beginning of the school year and it signified all sorts of new possibilities and fun. I might get these bags weeks before school started and hold them with such anticipation.

    I also remember having 2 coin type purses. One looked like a strawberry and one was gold metal. It was popular in the early 80's. I would hold the purse up and the metal would fall away from the inner lining. I can still recall how it felt to run my finger over it. Does anyone have any idea what these gold purses were called?
  2. hmmm i only remember my lunchbox, i still have it till now LOL
    it's a hello kitty tin lunch box from 1976 sanrio, and it got a plastic tag and my mom wrote my name on it, it's still attached til now.

    i treasured that deeply
  3. I've carried a purse with me since I was able to lift My grandmother used to give me her old purses, and I'd put my barbies, crayons, etc in it and tote it around. I remember having a so many of them from my grandma, and I would switch them all the time......I guess I was born with it...LOL!
  4. I had a strawberry shortcake lunchbox too. One of the metal ones! Oh how I loved it! It would hold it in my hand and spin around and around until my lunch and thermos flew out of it. God! I wish I still had that thing.
    Later I had a cabbage patch kids backpack. It had a little head on it with two yarn pigtails.

    By third grade, I was carrying a real purse. A little blue and grey crossbody. I wore that thing everywhere!
  5. Yes, my mom had one of mine (maybe still does) as every Easter I got a new one. I even still have some bags from 28 years ago though nothing special just sentimental. I had this awesome bag, suede like a flag, had the stars and the blue fringe that I used in the 70's. I saw the exact same bag in an allure mag a couple of years ago calling it a vintage bag for $400. I immediately called my mom asking "is that bag still at your house?" Probably thrown out.
  6. I remember I had a Peanuts plastic coin purse and a satiny Sanrio "Twin Stars" kiss lock coin purse. I used to love to go into gift shops with all the Sanrio stuff!!
    When I was in middle school and high school I carried Esprit and Liz Claiborne purses!
  7. Lol...I had a black "pleather" shoulder bag with......a huge pic of MICHAEL JACKSON on it!! It was the image that is on the Thriller know the one with him and the white tiger cub. Oh man, I was a HUGE dork!
  8. i remember a 3 of them...a little lilac canvas backpack with elephant on it (kindergarten age) for school, a little shoulder/sling purse (blue plastic with surfing penguins on it) when i was around 6 or 7, and a little quilted esprit shoulder/sling purse (non-leather, khaki colour with brown trim) when i was 10. other than those, i had only school backpacks.
  9. I remember a pink Barbie purse. Like made out of the vinyl/plastic shiny material...LoL.

  10. It's such a lovely idea, thanks!! :heart:
    I have to admit... I was obsessed with shoes when I was a little girl... shoes and dresses... and hair accessories... now I'm still... and plus bags!!! :nuts:
    I have to admit I have a not very fashionable period of my life between 11-17 years LOL

  11. There are 4 on eBay right now. They say they are from 1981. One even has the kids name in black marker on the thermos. Could you imagine finding your very own lunch box? I might buy one just for fun.
  12. I had a shiny pink le sportsac!:tup:
  13. I used to buy bags at a soe store named Timothy's I believe. They sold the funkiest shoes with matching bags, I REALLY miss that store!
  14. i remember having this dark purple suede backback purse haha i loved that thing. I loved purses, but as a kid i was more obsessed with make up and i still am today haha :p
  15. Oh yes I do :nuts: Of course I had packbags and such for school, but I was maybe about 10 when I purcased my first shoulder bag. I don't remember where I got the money from, maybe birthday presents, but I still recall going to the bank alone and withdrawing the required sum from my account, 20 marks (equivalent of about 3 euros nowadays). Then I went to the only shoe store we had in that god forsaken village I grew up in and bought the bag. It was a very small saddle type shoulder bag and colour was a pale camel. And the strap was terribly long, as they were in those days, so the bag hung around my knees :lol:

    It's amazing what you remember from your childhood =) I remember my first high heeled shoes and make-up, but I have no recollection of who was my best GF at the time. Sad in a way :lol::sad: