Do you remember where you were when you fell in love with Mulberry?


Mulberry Addict
Nov 28, 2010
Hi all

I really love this forum, and thought it would be interesting for us to recall where we were when we realised this was the brand for us..

I saw a picture of Katherine Jenkins approx 4 years ago with a Daria Clutch and knew I needed one, I bought the bag, and from then on fell head over heels for the brand. I always thought that the bags were so discreet but now I know that if you know Mulberry you will know when someone carries one.

The forum has really assisted with many purchases. I am counting down the days until the sale :smile:


Feb 3, 2013
Has to be about 2010 when I saw my bosses Daria satchel, it was the 'Est. 1971' that did it for me as it was the year I was born. confession as i didn't know what the brand was, kept saying Burberry!

Promised myself one for 2011 (40th) but it didn't happen until 2013....


Caribbean Princess
Jul 7, 2011
saw a gorgeous oak bag on the train in 2011. didn't know the brand or the style until a colleague was talking about mulberry and I went on the website and saw it was a bayswater. initially I was totally appalled by the prices and thought I never could spend that much on a bag. but then lovely DH surprised me with the oak bays as I had a health scare. the rest is history!! hehe... and the bayswater is still my most favourite style.


Plain Jane
Sep 30, 2005
2005 Match Point movie starring Scarlett Johansson.

I searched and searched what bag she had in the movie and it was a Mulberry Roxanne! Of course, the Roxanne started my love affair with Mulberry. probably a love/hate relationship, dysfunctional, but oh well. {shrug}

In my research I ended up joining tPF in 2005.


Plain Jane
Sep 30, 2005
By the way, nice thread!

I have to say I have an excuse to be a Jane-come-lately with Mulberry... I am in the US and even now, it is a largely unknown brand here.


Aug 17, 2012
Brilliant thread. :smile:

I saw my bosses daughter with a chocolate Bays. A well used one, which I loved the look of. I knew it would be expensive if she had it and thought no more of it.

Fast forward about six years when in House of Frasers, Belfast. Saw the bag and the Mulberry logo, which I was unfamiliar with. I thought it would be no more than £300. When the assistant said £695 I nearly fell off my perch. We went to the pub as I thought no way would I spend that on a bag. We asked the server in the pub what she thought of Mulberry. When she produced a chocolate bays from behind the bar I knew it was a sign.

I left the bar and purchased the Oak, never realising how addictive they were. I love my bags but won't ever spend that money on one again. *I think*


per aspera ad astra
May 27, 2009
Newcastle, UK
2006, when I clapped eyes on Ledbury. DH bought her for me as a surprise in Feb 2007 after several months of me going into Fenwick to stroke her on an almost daily basis! Sold her eventually and oh how I miss her. And the days when you could buy a Darwin baby Bays for £295!
Had so many since then but sadly the love died when they moved away from what I think of as the classics - the Darwin/nvt styles with their tactile suede interiors and classic colours. They were like heirloom pieces, beautiful. The quality also seemed to nosedive as the prices increased, so sad.
I've discovered other (much cheaper!) brands which have won my heart, but just lately my eye has been drawn back to those now vintage classic bags and I'm considering restarting my collection. I miss the ones I've sold!
I guess Mulberry will always have a special place in my heart :smile:


Jan 6, 2012
Brooklyn, NY
When my boyfriend and I first got together he mentioned he wanted a mulberry clipper and showed me a photo and i thought it was lovely and didn't really think much about it as I was a huge Louis fan at the time but then fast forward to December 2012. I had a bunch of birthday + Christmas money saved up and decided it was time to buy a bag but was super bored of LV. So I decided to open up my vogue and looked through the ads and I came across Mulberry's ad and thought back to when David had said he liked the brand a lot so I decided to type in mulberry and up came a bayswater cookie in oak!! I fell in love with it instantly but lost the bid. But I kept looking and decided to buy ( for what I thought was an outrageous deal) an OS oak alexa I won but when it arrived it was clearly the regular but it was so beautiful I couldn't send it back and after doing some research I found it I payed the normal price for it and I kept it. And I have been in love with the brand ever since!


Jan 31, 2014
When i saw princess Mary have the pink glossy bayswater i just instantly knew i had too have it😍
So i just bought mine last month❤️

Summer sunshine

Spent too much......
Jun 23, 2012
Oxford, England
It was seeing the oak Alexa carried by Alexa Chung in a magazine article. I had been trying to find my first designer bag to treat myself after my 40th birthday but when I saw the price I couldn't believe it! It took me a few months of going back and forth as to whether I could afford it, well really could I spend that much!! Of course I did and the rest is history...I now own several Mulberry's and other designers although I wish I could stop "treating" myself!

Good thread :smile:


Apr 14, 2013
I'd been aware of Mulberry for a few years and admired purses and bags that some friends had... but it all really started for me when I visited Shepton Mallet, and the slippery slope began for me... first purchase about 2 years ago.


May 24, 2010
Fearne cotton started my love affair with Mulberry. She has so many beautiful bags I just loved looking at pictures of her with them.


Oct 16, 2006
I've always wanted a black Bayswater and finally decided to take the plunge last year when I got my bonus... Went to the score and started lining up my Bayswater options--- until I saw the braid trim Alexa in Berry. I couldn't put her down and just had to have her. I had to add a black Dorset tote just to satisfy my need for a black bag. The rest is history... A deer bown Del Rey, an oak Bayswater, a tree continental wallet, a passport holder in scotchgrain, and a surprise sale purchase rounds up my haul in15 months!


Feb 3, 2014
Since my teens. I never really seen mulberry bags around but I knew I always wanted to be an owner of one. When you tell someone you have a mulberry bag most people know your brought a lovely bag.
Fast forward to Jan of this year when my BF took me to Oxford for the weekend after christmas . We visited Bicester Village and brought My silky snake oak French purse and the slippery slope began. Since Jan I'm a proud owner of 6 bags,a purse and pouch :yahoo::woohoo: I think I was bite hard!