Do you remember this OPTIC bag??? It's BACK!

  1. Does anybody else remember this bag from a few years ago??? It's in my catalog with the polka dot tote . Maybe somebody remembers the exact year it was introduced,Sorry I am terrible at remembering dates!
    I always loved the colors on these totes but hesitated to buy one because of the suede.
    Well , there it was sitting in the outlet today along with a matching wristlet and an umbrella.:drool: So cute and so colorful!
    I got out my old catalog, and it was listed as OPTIC Sig suede gallery tote.
    I remember seeing this color and the turquoise & lime green combo awhile ago on eBay.
    Wouldn't this be cute for Valentine's Day!:heart:
    Just taking a walk down Coach Memory Lane!
  2. Yay for you! :woohoo: That is cute and I love the bags that have an "original" look to them!
    Do you mind my asking how much it was?
  3. I didn't buy, just admired! I believe the SA said the tote was $3??.00 ish, well over 300.00 actually and that's when I stopped listening! I know the wristlet was $89.00 because another woman and myself picked it up and put it down again!

    ETA ....Candace, I'm trying to get this to upload for you so you can share too in case you are at work, BUT so far it's not working.....

  4. LOLOLOL!!!!
  5. For Candace!
  6. Thanks fluffy, you're such a sweetie! I remember seeing those bags at my outlet last weekend, they jumped out at me! WHOA! I don't think I would wear it but I saw one girl pick it up and she looked really cute with it on her arm :tup:
  7. I think it's the color with those bags, but I was actually kind of shocked to see it back again. Maybe somebody can jump in here and remember the year this was first released!??
    I wish they would bring back a few other bags from the past! Wouldn't that be nice!
    You know , the one, that got away?!?!
  8. Oh, see, another good reason why I don't (and better NEVER) live near an outlet!
  9. That bag is adorable, I'd buy it!
  10. :lol::lol::lol:
    I am close to Three!
  11. DO you have a style number? Any accessories?
  12. tiki, the style # in the OLD catalog I have is 3682. I don't know if the outlet bag would be the same number or not????
    There was also a wristlet $89.00 and umbrella $??
    That was it.
  13. Wow I like this way more than the most recent aqua brown and olive brown scarf prints that have been out the last few years, very cute.
  14. I saw these at the Ellenton Outlet today. They were adorable. I picked up a scarf and umbrella in this pattern.:heart:
  15. Oh I love this!