Do you Remember these

  1. hmm they seem VERY comfy!. They seem good as a walking around doing errands summer sandal =D get em!
  2. OMG!!!!:nuts: I SO remember those!! My mom had a pair when I was in jr. high and I would steal them all of the time :shame: !! They were very comfortable (or maybe just to my barely teenaged feet).
  3. yes, you should get these! has them for a good price.
  4. Your MOM had them?!
    *faints in old age spasms*
    So did I...:sad2:
    And *sniff* they are comfortable...:lol:
  5. Awwwww! I'm sure that you're not old at all. :amuse:
  6. OMG! I had them too! I really am old! I better go take my metamucil now!
  7. Yep, remember them too growing up...they are like really padded. They would look nice if you like the bohemian longer skirts with a flip type sandal.
  8. Hey- my mom is young! :nuts:
  9. those looks so comfy. maybe i should get a pair for summer also.
  10. When comfy goes fashionable, I'm all for it. I am the type of girl who sent flowers and candy to designers when the stilleto craze died out.
  11. They Look Super Comfy!
  12. Def one for the summer!
  13. I kinda like those! In a my-mum-used-to-have-a-pair-just-like-that way!:shame: :idea:
    They look comfy enough for driving too, with that little wedge at the back!:biggrin: