Do You Remember The White Flap Bag On Ebay??

  1. eBay: 100% Authentic!!! Balenciaga Shoulder Bag (item 220066957479 end time Jan-05-07 18:51:43 PST)

    Anyway, there was a small thread on it, about 3 people. I decided (SINCE NO ONE HAD BID ON THE ITEM) that I would inquire about a price to end auction.

    She agreed and sold me the purse (I was told previously that there is NOTHING unethical about this as long as NO BIDS have been placed)

    Anyway, i get the purse an it is OBVIOUSLY AN AUTHENTIC BALENCIAGA. It is a flap bag, pretty dirty, some small stains, BUT I LOVE IT!! The leather feels SO LIGHT, CRINKLY. The color is a gorgeous off white with BEAUTIFUL PEWTER HARDWARE!! But her ad in eBay says the bag is "One year old" I questioned her on that, because I knew the bag was older, but I knew she knew NOTHING REALLY ABOUT BALENCIAGA BAGS!

    After about (3) emails back and forth (she is always on a blackberry) She tells me that last year, she was doing a "runway" shoot and that bag was included in one of her outfits. She then said that she told the designer, Nicholas, how much she liked the bag and that after the show he came up to her and gave it to her!!!

    I was in shock!!! I emailed back "You are a model and he GAVE you that purse"

    Her response "No big deal, that's how most models get their shoes and purses. You tell the designer you like them and they give them to you.
    Also, the designer, Nicholas, was very quiet and shy; not what I expected."

    When I got the handbag, it all made sense. No dustbag,no extra tassel, NOTHING. And honestly, you could tell the bag had not been carried much, but no thought had been give to keep it stored somewhere clean.(by the way, asked her to mail pic of self with the bag, SHE IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!)

    I am going to send it to Barbara to for a good cleaning and moisturizing. HONESTLY, IT IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!! THIS WAS MY LAST PURCHASE BEFORE I WENT ON MY PURSE BAN!!! i will DEFINITELY POST PICS AS SOON AS SHE GETS BACK

    DOES ANYONE know anything about a white flap bag??? I have tried forever to post pics, but it says "too may mb or something like that and I don't know how to make pics smaller!" any advice would be much appreciated!!

    thanks Julie:heart:
  2. great story - it's so fun to own something with a story behind it!
  3. Oh, I want to see a pic of the model with the bag!
  4. She's not carrying the bag, it like a 8 x 10 glossy. YOU SHOULD SEE HER 5'10, HER MEASUREMENTS ARE LIKE 23, 31,23......

    HAS ANYONE SEEN ANOTHER WHITE FLAP BAG???? i wish i could find pics to compare it to.

    thanks julie:heart:
  5. surely you mean 23 21 23 not 23 31 23 (that's like my measurements except add about 10" each)

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous - CANNOT wait to see more pics of this beauty. What did you get it for?
  6. I hate you by the way :smile:
  7. just kidding of course.
  8. Cool story. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Great story. Fabulous find. Real coup of a price. Congrats!
  10. Great story!
    Congratulations. Can't wait to see pictures:yes:
  11. Julielive emailed me the pictures to post. Here they are:
    1_1.JPG 2_1.JPG 3_1.JPG New Image_1.JPG 4_1.JPG

  12. LOL: Sorry, in my excitement, go my measurements reversed;) , i sent pics of the model to sirianne (covered up her face a little, she may post if not too difficult) I actually took pics of pics; a little off but effective!!!!
  13. A bag actually touched by Nicholas himself???? Given to a model at a runway shoot??? Ending up in YOUR hands with minimum fuss and drama?

    What a GREAT story!
  14. and here is the model:
    6_1.JPG 7_1.JPG
  15. sirianne, when you have time, PLEASE TELL ME HOW YOU DO THAT!!!!

    I know the model is irrelevant, but she wraps up the story nicely!!!!:heart: