Do you remember the first time u fell in love with LV?

  1. Hello,

    Do you recall the first time you saw LV? Or the first time you thought WOW!!!:nuts:
    I worked in London 6 years ago and saw many of these brown bags. I liked the leather/patina look and also the fact that they appeared in all shapes and sizes. They looked expensive and smart. :P
    I hadn't heard of LV at all :confused1: , and thought the LV letters were YSL (as I didn't get a proper look). I even started counting them on my way from the Tube station to my office!
    Then I saw Victoria Beckham with one in a mag and the name, so I looked it up on the internet. There wasn't a lot about LV on the web then, but I soon discovered that they were indeed expensive! :lol:
    It was over three years later when I finally owned my own piece and it was worth the wait. As a true handbag fanatic I feel LV is a worthwhile purchase and very addictive!
    Please share your first "love at first sight" moments!:love:
  2. the very first time i fell in love with lv is when the cherry blossoms came out in 2003 i think?
    i was in hong kong then and i remember all the eye love displays and everything... it was amazing and oh so cute!! :heart:
    but back then i found lv to be too expensive cause i was still in high school (i think grade 10)... so i never bought anything from that line =( my biggest regret :crybaby:
  3. well.....the first time i SAW LV I thought: UGLYYYYYYY!!!! -->Old lady brown bag! Then....I saw my cousin with her Blois and a Multicolore Sologne (...I htink it was the Sologne)....and I was like WOW! If she can afford it, then so can I!!!! WOOHOO! I was more in a competitive spirit back now it's different, I love LV for the charm, quality, and prestigeous feeling I get when I carry my bags.......
  4. The 1st time I saw an LV that I liked was probably in 2001... khaki GRAFFITI Pochette :love: it took some time until I liked the regular Mono, too :lol:
  5. I was on vacation in the Bahamas in 2003 (age 17), and I was seeing a lot of multicolor and cherry blossom pieces... I fell in love :love:
  6. I admit that when I first saw LV Monogram stuff I thought it was SO ugly!! I could not understand why anyone would spend that kind of money on such a hideous looking bag.

    Then after seeing it more and more and seeing a couple of my friends wearing started to grow on me. Then I tried on one of my friend's bags and thought it looked so classy I just have to have one!!

    Now I'm totally in love with Louis Vuitton....
  7. The first time I saw LV I didn't like it but I think it's b/c it was one of those horrible fakes. The first time I saw it AND fell in love with it was back in 2002 or something like that while working at the airport. I use to work for AA and there was this lady in line waiting to be checked in with a Monogram Speedy 25. I thought WOW...that bag looks awesome. Then a couple of days or weeks after I saw someone with a Mono Alma...I was sold then!
    Of course I didn't know much about it but kept talking about it and coencidently a friend of a friend (well i knew her too but not in dept) sold them for "half price" as she got them from someone who "worked in the factory" Immidiately after the bag was in my hand I knew something was wrong. I didn't have any LVs but I had designer bags and the craftmaship on this one sucked. I thought this couldn't be it...all the hype for this! I contacted MP (at that time she wasn't charging for her services yet) and she confirmed to me that the Speedy I had was indeed a fake. I was so shocked and upset. I contacted the friend of a friend and she acted like SHE didn't know and was shocked too. Yeah right!
    A couple of months later and after educating myself more about LV I went to LA and bought my first LV (the Luco) in the store. It has been bliss ever since :lol:
  8. For me it was back in about 2002-03 when I was watching Newlyweds... Jessica was carrying her MC Speedy and I fell head over heels in love with LV and bought my own white MC Speedy...
  9. i started when the murakami line came out. the beautiful multicolour. its soo pretty. however, at that time rather than getting mc or cb, i got a monogram mini HL because i thought it would be good for both summer and winter! which i regreted. also, its funny how the white mc was what made me fell in love but yet, i only started to own one now, the beautiful white mc wallet ...but i do regret not gettng the cb. its too adorable.
  10. DEC 2003.Seeing the MC trouville in a was so cute! I told myself I'm gonna have that bag no matter what. It took me a while to have it and back then i can only afford the MC pochette(which i sold) from then I've been a fan.
  11. For me, it was just this past March. I was looking for an organe handbag and stumbled into the LV web site. As they say, and the rest is history.
  12. when i was a lil kid i think my diper bag was a louie so ive been exposed to it all my life its just grown over the years
  13. Yesterday when I received my speedy mono 30 and pouchette it was love at first sight. I was not sure if I was going to like it more than Gucci but, I think I might. Everyone noticed my bag when I went shopping today. My leather Gucci's do not get nearly has noticed...I am in love...
  14. Yes I do! I saw a picture of the cherry blossom line (I think it was the retro) in a magazine and my jaw just dropped. I knew at that moment that I have to get that bag no matter what.
  15. I became fully obsessed with LV as soon as I joined PF :P lol. Actually, that's when I also became obsessed with handbags too.
    I never really liked LV before, since there are soo many fakes & I always thought if I had one people would automatically assume it's fake. But now I'm planning to get my first within the next few months hehe